In order to make the best first impression, it is a must to find out what men think about your makeup. Learn more about the results of the research conducted by Cosmopolitan to find out the favorite beauty trends guys encourage you to embrace.

Revolutionize your makeup routine and improve your application skills using the latest techniques. Keep in mind the following tips in order to turn your dates and relaxed meetings into special occasions to mesmerize your admirers.

Eye Shadow

Girls are simply thrilled to experiment with brightest and boldest shades that can attract immediate attention. However, according to the results of the research, guys are fond of more subtle and neutral shades. Define your eyes with black or brown colored eyeliner and complete your beauty look with a dark eye shadow tone. Smokey eyes are the hot stuff if you ask guys!

Eyelashes Tip

No doubt the eyes have it! However, ladies tend to overdo their eye makeup completing the look with super-long false lashes. Actually men are more impressed by our natural assets.

Fake is a real faux pas when it comes to first dates. Skip the use of similar beauty tools and rely on the visual effect high street mascara formulas can create.

Natural Looking Makeup

Apparently, men are not against ladies wearing makeup. However, the trick to conquer their hearts is to sport natural makeup looks.

It is highly recommended to accentuate your best features using a concealer or foundation along with mascara, some lip gloss for the kissable lips effect and a tiny amount of blush.

Rosy Cheeks

Flushed cheeks are the ultimate statement accessories to mesmerize a guy. Various studies demonstrated that men find rosy cheeks extremely sexy. Therefore, those who wish to boost their chances to have a hot date should use a creamy blush formula to emphasize their cheekbones. In the past, pink cheeks were considered the best sign that revealed the flawless health condition of a woman. Use this trick to rock the hottest beauty trends guys love.

Lip Makeup

If you’re into the wildest lipstick shades, it’s time to ditch them, especially if you’re preparing for a date. Wear the brightest hues if you wish to stand out from the rest of the crowd. However, the secret to win your potential beau’s heart is to tone it down. Use creamy lip balms and lip glosses that have a delicious taste and can be applied in a super-thin layer. Men often scare away of the amount of lipstick that might land on their lips when kissing. Fuel his admiration by creating the kissable lips effect using a shade that suits your skin tone.

What Men Think About Makeup

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