What Is Mascara Made Of?

An extensively used beauty product, mascara colors, thickens, curls and/or strengthens your eye lashes. But do you know what mascara is made of?

Generally speaking, all mascara formulas contain the same ingredients, ranging from oils to pigments and waxes. Different mascaras have different types of oils, the most commonly used being lanolin, castor oil, linseed oil and several types of mineral oils.

The dark coloration of black mascara is attained by means of carbon black. The brown pigment is provided by iron oxides, while the blue pigment is provided by ultramarine blue.

Last but not least, mascaras contain waxes, some of the most common being beeswax and paraffin wax. Try LANCÔME Hypnose Precious Cells Magnified Volume Cream Mascara 01 Densifying Black, a top quality mascara, paraben free.

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What Is Lipstick Made Of?

Lipstick is an indispensable beauty product in every woman's beauty kit. Whether is bright red, peachy pink or aubergine, lipstick remains one of the most remarkable and highly used cosmetic products.

The ingredients of lipstick are usually oils, waxes, pigments, antioxidants and emollients. Most lipsticks are made of beeswax, candelilla wax, petrolatum, lanolin and carnauba wax.

While long lasting lipsticks also have silicone oil, shimmery ones may contain fish scales and synthetic pearls. Are you looking for smooth, long lasting lipsticks? You may opt for the Clinique Long Last Lipstick Set, that will stay on your lips for hours without creating damage.

What Is Eyeliner Made Of?

The eyeliner has been used from ancient times and it is still a popular cosmetic product nowadays. The main ingredients of an eyeliner, be it pencil, cream or liquid, are waxes, pigments and film formers.

Once upon a time very popular, kohl eyeliners are now prohibited in the US because of their potentially harmful effects on health, e.g. lead poisoning.

A trustworthy eyeliner is the  Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner Moiré, with a long lasting and shimmery effect.

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What Is Foundation Made Of?

Beauty stores are filled with multiple types of foundation: liquid, mousse and powder. As a result, their ingredients vary significantly. For instance, liquid foundations are usually made of oils or waxes, such as petrolatum and mineral oil, and pigment. However, the main ingredient of powder foundations is talc, combined with pigment.

If you want a 100% natural foundation, try the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, a paraben free product with advanced anti-aging properties.

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