Offering the proper care to your skin means choosing the best make up products. Mineral make up is one of the revolutionary inventions that would allow you to look stylish and immerse into the art of make up trends if you are fond of bright colors and celebrity looks. Especially in your tween years it is important to devote more time to the proper skin treatments and that you skip the basic skin enemies as inappropriate make up products. Instead rely on some of the professional tween make up tips below that would guide your through the spotless selection of the various products and tools that are some of the essentials of a tween make up kit. Keep the sake of your complexion and health above all and be ready for the enchanting makeover. These are some of the essential tricks to keep in mind.

Skin Care

Following a proper skin care routine is a must have elements of our beauty care. Indeed your complexion will suffer when refusing to offer the most important treatment and nourishing to it. Cleanser a high quality toner and a good moisturizer would be the best remedies to avoid any skin problems also on a long-term.

Include this ritual at least 2 per day in order to have a beautiful skin that would look good also when paired with make up. Pimples are some of the greatest threats on your skin, therefore you must prepare for the unexpected with these skin care products.

Make Up Base

It is one of the delicate steps when preparing your skin for make up. Tweens often make the mistake of covering and stuffing their skin with too many foundation and concealer. The best solution to avoid blunders is to choose a light foundation that would match your skin tone and use it only on the spots that might necessitate some correction.

These would help you even out the skin tone as well as would serve as the best remedy to mask scars as well as darker or lighter skin spots. It is also important to expand the application also to the neck area. This is the key for a uniform look, experiment with this trick to learn how to properly apply foundation for a beautiful make up.

Eye Make Up

If you passed the magic 11-12 years limit you can also embed in your make up kit a few natural shades of eye shadow. Neutral tones as peachy and rosy tones as well as beige would look stunning with your appearance. Maintain the youthful and girlie effect with these natural tones as these have the power to highlight the fine and beautiful lines of your face. Soft and light textures are also important to spare your complexion from the burden of wearing a thick layer of products.

Shimmery tones are perfect for the summer, however these can be also created with a bronzer that can be applied both to the eyes and cheeks. Instead of complicating yourself with the various eye shadow tones play down the make up application process with a simple and universal bronzer that can be used for all kinds of events.

Keep your make up style neat and fresh especially if you are looking for a summer vacation look. Light blue, pink, peach and beige are your top shades when enjoying the fascinating tween years.

Eyeliners might be too complex and difficult to apply therefore leave them at the store and instead purchase a transparent mascara that is rich in Vitamin E, that can enhance the beauty and length of your lashes to have a mesmerizing glimpse

Clear mascaras would make you look spotless and charming for the breezy weather and would complement your eye shadow and natural make up style. On a long term this products rich in vitamins would grant you with a breathtaking look.

Lip Make Up

Lip gloss is the A-list product that should definitely feature in your tween make up kit. These come in various tones and even tastes. Play with the vivid tones and skip the dark and more ‘older woman-looking’ shades. These would spoil your fresh and breezy allure. Apply these even when skipping eye shadow and eager to add a tint of cheer to your appearance. Know your options and visit local or specialized stores that have lip glosses rich in vitamins and nutrients. Weather conditions as well as an inappropriate skin care ritual can damage the beauty of your lips. Condition it with lip balm then apply lip gloss in a thin layer.


You can also use a nice colored blush be it rosy or peachy depending on your skin tone. Indeed those who would like to use it on a regular basis should know how to apply it. In the past the apply of your cheeks would have been the ideal spot to place these shades. Nowadays it should be placed on the cheekbones and head a bit upwards. Make sure you cover this spot with a thin and light shade that would blend into your skin color.

Additionally it is always important to remove make up before going to bed or after an event. Make sure you don’t skip this essential step as it can hurt your skin and cause various skin problems as pimples and later on wrinkles. The easiest way to do this is to purchase some conditioning and skin-friendly makeup wipes. These would help you remove the traces of eye shadows as well as lip gloss and foundation.