Moderation and good sense are two important things to take into consideration whenever applying makeup. With so many different products in stores it is more than easy to make mistakes even after spending hours covering up all unwanted flaws. In these circumstances, it is crucial to know what works best for you, how to use makeup in order to enhance your natural beauty and which are the top most common makeup mistakes you need to stay away from. Since preparing your face is the It-rule when applying makeup, remember that not using moisturizer before starting the makeup process is one essential mistake.

The first and probably one of the most common makeup mistakes is opting for a foundation darker than your skin complexion. It has already been proved that the mask effect looks terrible and this is what we get whenever choosing a foundation or powder that doesn’t work for our skin color. This way you just manage to create an unaesthetic aspect with darker face and lighter neck and neckline. However, if you want to obtain a nice sun-kissed skin, yet still look natural, purchase a foundation appropriate for your skin complexion and then apply some bronzing powder on your nose, cheekbones, chin, forehead, and neckline.

Next, there is one mistake that we often make, sometimes even without realizing. Emphasizing both eyes and lips, using an intense makeup, in the same time can be a major “crime”. Therefore, if you want to bring out your eyes, try a lighter lipstick color for the lips, or, you can even try a lip gloss. Well, since we are speaking about lip gloss, you should know that lip gloss abuse is a major makeup mistake. We all agree that one soft coat looks incredibly hot and sexy, creating the illusion of plumper lips, while too much lip gloss should be avoided.

When it comes to eye makeup, mascara is great when wanting to obtain a mysterious, feminine look. However, when overusing it, the result might not be the one you wanted as this might affect not just your overall aspect, but also the health of your lashes. Therefore, the only thing you’ll get will be an artificial, smudgy look. First of all, mascara might flake or smear, while your lashes will appear hard and spiked. Moreover, tons of mascara can break the lashes.

Whenever using glittery and shimmery products, the “less is more” makeup rule should be 100% followed. Unless, of course, you are going to a children’s party and you are the good, innocent fairy. In this case everything stands in the quantity you use. As a consequence, try to avoid over-shimmering the eyes, your cheekbones and the mouth, all in the same time. For a discreeter, yet glamorous makeup, choose one part and apply a shimmery product.

Plumper lips seem to be every woman’s dream. When wanting to get pouty lips we usually use a lip liner. Or, one might even say we overuse it, without thinking to the clown-looking effect we get. The first mistake we make is when choosing the color of the lip liner as we often tend to go for a too dark shade. Second, we sometimes make a thick line going up, maybe too far. Make sure you choose a color that matches your lips or your lipstick as this needs to flawlessly blend without being noticed.

Two other common makeup mistakes are the wrong use of blush and that of the eyeliner. Therefore, we all know that blush adds a healthy touch to your look. However, when going for the less appropriate color and apply it wrongly without blending, the result might be rather funny and more circus-appropriate. Moreover, when wanting to make the eyes look larger, we often exaggerate with the eyeliner, going to extremes and the only thing we obtain is the unwanted raccoon effect. Remember that a simple line on the top lash line extended at the corners of the eyes can totally do the trick.