Makeup is one effective tool that used incorrectly can backfire in an unpleasant way. The result? An inappropriate, unhealthy, rather hilarious look and a few years added to your appearance. Learn to apply makeup in order to enhance your most beautiful features and avoid mistakes that can age you.

Wrong foundation

Choosing the right foundation is indeed a tricky business as the wrong one can totally change your appearance, making you look older. And by wrong we mean both texture and color. What we are looking for in a foundation is a flawless, natural, almost invisible finish. Moreover, wearing a too dark shade ages you. Don’t test your foundation on the back of your hand but along your jaw line and at the bottom of your cheeks. Pick the color that blends impeccably. Also, make sure the texture suits your skin type, otherwise the only thing you’ll get will be emphasized lines and a heavy, mask-effect look.

Heavy concealer

Pimples, blemishes, or dark under-eye circles are just some of the main skin issues that can ruin a perfect day. Concealer can be your most trustworthy, saving solution when in need of covering unwanted skin imperfections. Still, caked on concealer might become your worst enemy as it can age you especially if you apply too much in the eye area. Therefore, choose a light texture and apply it using a fine brush and blend it with your finger.

Too much blush

The role blush plays in the whole makeup process is often underestimated. If applied correctly, a well-chosen blush should instantly brighten up your skin and lift the face. Makeup artists say that women usually use a too big brush and go too low and close to the jaw line when applying blush. This leads to droopy-looking skin and therefore to an aging effect. The solution is to put blush onto the apples of your cheekbones using a color that flatters your skin tone, but mostly delicate shades. And don’t be too generous with the product!

Too much powder

We use powder to set makeup, matify and reduce shine. Still, don’t over-exaggerate with powder as it makes the skin look dry and accentuates fine lines. You don’t have to completely remove powder from your beauty kit, but apply it with moderation on the nose and chin where the skin tends to be a little bit oily. If your skin is dry, try not to use too much powder as it will age you by emphasizing wrinkles. Also, avoid this makeup product under the eyes and around the mouth.

Over-plucked brows

One mistake that ages you is over-plucking your eyebrows. Besides adding years to your look, over-plucking can also cause damage to the roots and some strands may never grow back. Finding the most flattering shape for your eyebrows to frame the eyes and the face might be quite stressful. If you want to keep a youthful appearance, stay away from too thin brows!

Too dark lip color

Try to avoid dark lip shades as they make you look older than you are. Go instead for softer hues such as light pink or beige that will create the illusion of fuller lips and are more age appropriate. You may also consider investing in a pretty, sheer, rosy-colored lip gloss.

Every girl wants to look sweet, feminine and sophisticated and makeup can definitely be the answer to all our problems. Nevertheless, it is essential to always remember that makeup overload can be extremely unflattering, overwhelming and unattractive. This is why one must decide what feature to accentuate in order to stay naturally beautiful. Never go bold on every feature in the same time. First you need to find out your skin type and choose products accordingly. Next, learn a few makeup tips and tricks that will help you obtain a fresh, glowing and youthful look.

Top Beauty Mistakes that Age You

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