In order to have a flawless look in every situation, you need to have certain makeup items at hand all day long. You definitely don’t want to carry your whole makeup bag with you, but some basic makeup products are a must for every woman who wants to look radiant and attractive both for daytime and nighttime as well.

Most women prefer to have their perfume in their handbag, others carry a simple powder or a nude lipstick. However, the list of these makeup items can go on forever, since many women like to have a whole armada of beauty products with them all day long. Here you have the 5 most important things you will need to have in your handbag to look glamorous, fresh and sexy all the time.


A liquid foundation should be the basic item in your handbag since it is a great product to cover blemishes, red spots, dark aging spots and the sings of tiredness. Foundation can trickily hide fine lines and wrinkles providing a flawless finish for the face. A thin coat of foundation, blended well into your skin, can instantly do wonders to your face, guaranteeing a clear complexion. If you have an oilier skin, we advise you to shop for an oil-free product, while those with dry and sensitive skin should go for a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic foundation. In each case, always make sure that you choose a foundation shade, which is as close to your natural skin tone as possible.


If you want to cover under eye bags, dark circles and blemish spots, concealer is an absolute must-have item in your handbag. Apply it on these problematic spots and work it well into your skin so that no lines are visible. This way you can ideally cover small imperfections and create a wonderful finish. As in the case of foundation, you should also pay attention to select the shade of concealer that matches your skin tone.


Using a powder is essential to achieve a flawless look and to provide your makeup a long lasting finish. Powder is a wonderful product that is perfectly suitable for everyday occasions and daytime wear. It absorbs the excess oil from the surface of your skin, making your skin look fresh and radiant. For this purpose translucent powders are the best choice in order to prevent a shiny, oily face and guarantee a natural finish to your complexion.


Lipstick is one of the most feminine and attractive makeup items of all, an absolute must-have beauty product in every woman’s handbag. A touch of lipstick instantly adds color to your face, highlighting your wonderful features and providing you with a classy, glamorous air. A simple lipstick spices up your look and makes you look tidy and attractive. Pay attention to opt for the right lipstick color that matches your skin complexion, hair color and outfit. In order to create wonderful lips and give them more definition, always use a lip liner prior to applying your favorite lipstick. The lip liner should always match the color of the lipstick or it can be one shade darker.

Eye Shadow

Daytime makeup should be simple and natural. Try to stay away from harsh, bold colors and use lighter, neutral tones instead. These eye shadow colors will give you a fresh, youthful appearance. Apply a lighter eye shadow to your eye socket and upper eyelid, and apply a soft highlighter on the brow bone to bring out your eyes. In order to give your eyes a maximum definition and a deeper look, put on one or two coats of black mascara on both the upper and the lower eyelashes.