How To: Groom Eyebrows Like a Professional

Well, the most important thing is to have lots of natural light and very good tools:– a mirror (one side magnified)– a pair of tweezers – and, for blondes, a tinted brow gel.

Wipe off all makeup and, if possible, use some sanitizer on your tweezers. Brush brows first in downward strokes, then straight up.If you are blond, use a tinted brow gel to pick out all the tiny blond hairs that can disappear in the light.You should now be able to see your natural shape and take away the strays. If you’re really good when it comes to precision application of wax you should definitely take into consideration turning towards eyebrow waxing kits as there are plenty of brands available to choose from and the best thing: they offer fast, almost painless results!

Avoid plucking hairs above the brow line yourself unless you are skilled, as this is best left to an expert.If you have long brows and need to trim them, it’s best to brush the brows downward to cut away the length, but be conservative, as it’s easy to leave a gap when using scissors.

Once you finish plucking, cleanse the area with a toner, which will lessen the chance of a follicle becoming infected and leading to a pimple.Add a tinted or clear brow gel for a nice defined look. Pencil and brow powder give a more dramatic look that’s suitable for evenings.To control unruly brows, use a clear eyebrow gel or tiny amount of tinted eyebrow wax, then brush brows into position.

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