Makeup artist Mally Roncal got her love for beauty products from her mother whom she describes as being ‘very glamorous’. She got fascinated with the way her mother used to do her makeup and hair and how confident she looked wearing heels and beautiful clothes.

As an amazing makeup artist, Mally Roncal is always ready to share her secrets with her fans – here are some makeup artist tips that you might want to know!

Mally Roncal Makeup Tips: How to Create a Natural Look

If you want to learn how to create a natural makeup look, you should check out these great makeup tips from Mally Roncal. Firstly, she suggests rubbing a bit of foundation between your hands and then swipe the fingers over the apples of your cheeks. Continue with the sides of your nose, across your forehead and chin. If you want everything to be perfectly blended, you should finger-pat.

Eyebrow Makeup

Now you should move on to another great Mally Roncal beauty tip. Focus on your brows and use a brow pencil one shade lighter. Start filling in with gentle moves and angle your pencil in order to draw with the side of its tip.

Great products to buy: NARS Eyebrow Pencil in Jodhpur ($22), By Terry Crayon Sourcils Terrybly Eyebrow Pencil Definer in Ash Brown ($37), Paula Dorf Moisture Foundation, Oil Free in Ivory ($42) and DuWop Foundation of Youth Skin Rejuvenating Foundation in Deep ($38).

Mally Roncal Beauty Tips: How to Reduce Redness

Are you dealing with skin redness? In this case, don’t hesitate to enjoy one of the best Mally Roncal beauty tips. This talented makeup artist suggests using a concealer. She says you shouldn’t apply this product just under the eyes, you should also add a bit on the bridge and on both sides of the nose, as well as on the outer corners of the eyes. This way, you’ll hide this condition and your skin will look rejuvenated.

Mally Roncal Beyonce Makeup

Mally Roncal Makeup Line: Fierce Face in Five Minutes ($39.95)

The Fierce Face in Five Minutes is probably one of the pillars of Mally Roncal’s makeup line. This beauty kit can help you create a great makeup in just 5 minutes, just as its name suggests. Start with the Cancellation Concealer, that will make your complexion look polished. Continue with a great volumizing mascara and two natural eyeshadow colors and finish your sexy yet natural look with High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Blossom.

Mally Fierce Face In Five Minutes

Mally Roncal Makeup Must Have: Face Defender ($39.95)

Here’s another great Mally Roncal makeup product. Face Defender is a clear powder that’s excellent in providing your face with a matte finish. This way, you’ll make sure that your skin always look perfect!

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