You don’t have to spend a fortune on mascaras to get beautiful lashes when some drugstore mascaras can work just as well as high-end products. The following tips will help you in choosing the best drugstore mascara for your needs.

Lengthening mascara

Choose a mascara with dense bristles, which will help you in applying more mascara on your lashes. The bristles contribute to the lengthening effect, these were specially designed for sparse or dense but short lashes.

For guaranteed results apply at least 2 coats of it. Purchase those mascaras that add fibres to the surface of your lashes. This is probably the most popular type of mascara due to it’s quality to create the impression of false eye lashes.

For an eye-popping look try: Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara from Maybelline, L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara.

Thickening mascara

Mascaras designed for thickening tend to contain a larger amount of silicone and wax. That’s why they give the impression of pumping. Volumizing mascaras, give a sophisticated volume to your lashes, creating a dramatic effect.

These mascaras are perfect for those who have thin and fine eyelashes regardless to length. Remember these won’t elongate your lashes, just make them appear denser, fuller.

Popular thickening mascaras are: Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara, CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara, Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara.


Some might seem skeptical about many mascaras, labeled as curling ones. However it’s a fact that these products aim to create an eye-opening effect while curling lashes.

You can buy it in cream or thicker liquid form – due to their quality these mascaras will preserve the shape of the lashes for a longer period of time.

These however, can’t increase the length of your lashes, indeed by curling them, they’ll look longer and way more expressive than before. Curling mascaras were designed for those who have straight and unmanageable lashes.

For refined curls try: Rimmel The Max Volume Flash Bold Curves Mascara, Tarte lights, camera, lashes! Mascara, Maybelline Great Lash Washable Curved Brush Mascara.