Mineral makeup is very popular nowadays. Those who care for their skin and health switched ordinary makeup products with mineral makeup. Chemical-based products can do harm to our skin – unlike mineral makeup, that’s made of are made of all natural finely ground minerals from the Earth, without any of the chemicals, colorants and preservatives.

Sensitive skin can suffer due to the effect of chemical-based products.¬†Mineral makeup can be a remedy for this problem, since it doesn’t clog pores. Your skin is able to breathe – those who struggle with acne, Rosacea or other skin problems will get free way to use mineral makeup products.

It is perfect for all skin types, it doesn’t contain any alcohol, dyes, chemicals or any preservatives, only minerals. In fact it isn’t absorbed by your skin at all.

It is unbelievably practical, since you can use one pot of mineral makeup for several purposes. Whether your apply it to your lips, eyes or cheekbones it does look amazing in any circumstances.

Use the proper brush to create an eye-popping effect.

Wearing mineral makeup doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.It is easy to apply and light to wear, you’ll have the impression that you don’t have any makeup on.

Specialists claim that you can even leave it on for night, it still won’t do any harm to your skin.

Its camouflaging effect is also great. Many people use it to hide different scars, wrinkles, crow’s feet and red spots.

It has a lasting quality, since it can absorb excessive sweat, oil and grease from our face unlike conventional makeup products.

Don’t expect smudges and melting – minerals are also heat resistant and can keep maintain your look in its initial state.

These products also protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Containing zinc oxide and iron oxides- just like sunscreens – mineral makeup will make your skin more resistant to weather conditions and also aging.