The makeup trends of the hot season encourage you to embrace a wide parade of makeup looks. From bold to classy, all options are here for you to try them out. Match the right color palette with your skin tone and make sure to wear makeup trends that suit your personality.

The following super simple makeup tips for summer are offered by pro beauticians who wish to pave your way to a beauty bunny career. Welcome these revolutionary and easy-to-implement techniques with open arms to take your beauty skills to the next level.

Concealer Tip

Create the effect of a flawless complexion using the most flattering concealer shade and formula. In order to guarantee the dazzling success of your makeup base, keep in mind the following trick. Apply concealer in thin layers as the secret to a natural-looking effect. Hide flaws using a smaller brush and your fave concealer. Pay special attention to the tiniest details to make a smashing impression with your casual or party look.

Foundation Tip

Those who are eager to master the art of creating the perfect base should pay attention to the following beauty secret: in order to ease the application of foundation, use a sponge from now on.

The amazing result of your makeover is guaranteed if you keep the sponge wet and then apply the foundation on it. This is the secret of the makeup artist Sarah Lucero to build up the hottest red carpet looks of super-famous and beloved celebrities.

Highlighter Tip

Emphasize your natural beauty using the beauty trick offered by the ultra-successful makeup artist Carmindy. Use a creamy highlighter formula to draw attention to your perfectly defined cheeks and glimpse in general.

Your fingers should serve as the best application tools for this beauty fix. Apply the highlighter on your brow bone just below the eyebrows, the inside corners of your eyes then you can finish up the ultimate makeover with the cheekbones.

Eyeliner Tip

Carmindy also grants us with a trick on how to make the most of our eyeliner makeup during the summer. As creamy eye shadows tend to melt down and smudge due to high temperatures, it is highly recommended to opt for a waterproof gel eyeliner. Define your eyes by applying some eyeliner on your upper lash line. In order to create a super-soft and neat look all you have to do is grab a cotton swab and use the smudging technique. In this case you can leave the lids bare as the eyeliner can create the ideal definition without the help of a bright or neutral eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Tip

Pro makeup artists know how important it is to build up an A-list eye makeup. Therefore, if you wish to follow their footsteps, make sure you experiment with the following tip. The newest makeup trends allow you to tackle the lower lash line when it comes to emphasizing your alluring glimpse. In order to create a neat and at the same time super-flattering impression, use at least two shades to tackle this spot. Apply the medium tone right under the lashes and the darker shade right below the lash line. The effect will be simply overwhelming. Practice more to nail down the most inspiring looks from Hollywood.

Simple Makeup Tricks

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