Summer is here, so it’s time to update your make-up by following the new trends! Summer make-up trends are all about fresh pink flushed cheeks, metallic eyes (throw back inspiration from the ’80s), bold lips, strong brows, colourful hues from ‘oh la la orange’ to azure blues and greens.

If it’s pretty hard to choose what suits you best, match colors and textures to your skin tone.

Pale Skin Make UpWomen with pale skin tend to wear more natural tones unaware that they can wear the most shocking shades and look so fresh, so girlish and fantastic!

One of the best shades this summer is the fantastic bright pinks that are more vixen than cute girl next door.

Pink makeup and pale skin

How to Get the Look

1. Make-up Base: Coat the face in an illuminating face makeup.

2. Cheeks: Apply a light coating of funky bright pink blush to the apples of the cheeks.

3. Eyes: Line the entire upper eye in a dark charcoal or black and line only the very inner and outer of the eye on the bottom lid. Smudge the liner on the bottom lid so that the eye has a hint of light liner on the bottom. Next, coat the eyelashes in four coats of darkest dark black mascara.

4. Lips: Using a fantastic bright pink lipstick line and then fill in the lips with a lip brush. Then, add a touch of extra shine by coating the lips with a light layer of clear gloss.