Oily skin is characterized by large pores, roughness and greasy appearance. The sebaceous glands secrete an excess of oil called sebum, making the face look shiny.

Washing the face more than once a day can cause the sebaceous glands to produce even more sebum. It is very important to know your skin type and how to take care of it.

Those with oily skin types tend to have hard times in keeping their makeup on especially in the torrid summer months that can enhance the look of oily complexion because of the heat and the light that is reflected by the oily skin.

Read on some summer makeup tips for oily skin to avoid makeup meltdowns and shiny foreheads.– clean the face with a oil-control facial cleanser.– moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer that has sun protection.– use a primer before you applying foundation.– apply foundation that is oil free.– to avoid your eyeshadow from creasing due to greasy eyelids apply a primer before the eyeshadow.– apply lip gloss and a blush if you wish.– set your foundation with loose powder.

Avoid products that contain oil or alcohol because these will make your skin to produce even more oils and that is something you definitely don’t want. Too much oil mixed with makeup and dirt can clog the pores and contribute to the development of blackheads and pimples.

Every once in a while pat your face with oil absorbing sheets/blotting paper, to remove oil without ruining your makeup.