It’s summer, it’s time to relax, feel and look gorgeous; here are some summer makeup ideas to freshen up your look and show off that sun kissed bronze.

For the summer it’s best to keep your makeup light for a fresh and clean look.

Heat and sweat are not an ideal combination with heavy foundation since it might smear off and you’ll look like you are melting in the sun.

Summer Makeup Ideas with PicturesSummer Makeup Ideas and Looks

Try to use powdered bronzers in stead of foundation because it will give you a nice glow and a fresh light summer makeup look.

Dust a bit of shimmering powder to your cheekbones, shoulders and collarbone.

Makeup Looks for Summer

For the eyes use warm and soft colored eyeshadow like soft pinks, lavender, baby blue or golden tones.

Use a brown or a black eyeliner pencil for eye definition and apply shimmering powder just under your brow bone as a highlight.

Wear waterproof mascara because it will not run, smudge or smear when in contact with perspiration or water.

For the lips use shiny lip gloss especially if you are a bit tanned. You can wear your lip gloss tinted or clear, simple or over lipstick.

Remember that during the summer “less is more” so keep your look simple and fresh.

Makeup for Tanned Skin