As we have said before, natural makeup follows a few basic, simple rules meaning that we apply makeup, but with the purpose of illuminating the face and enhance the natural beauty of our features, bringing out the eyes, lips and cheekbones, using soft, neutral colors.

What better way to glow during the warmer season than by choosing a flawless looking skin screaming naturalness and health? Natural makeup was seen on numerous spring/summer 2011 fashion shows with eyes barely brought out by a soft coat of mascara and sometimes by a light beige or brown eyeshadow. As for the lips, they were left completely nude.

However, despite the fact that it might seem rather easy to achieve, natural makeup is not all the time so simple, especially when it comes to finding the perfect balance between nude and the almost transparent makeup. Besides, camouflaging certain flaws or skin issues and emphasizing the qualities might become a challenge as nude makeup has to become a second skin and maintain its natural aspect. Take a peek to the spring/summer 2011 natural makeup trend and learn a few basic tips and ticks on how to get the look.

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When it comes to natural makeup it is crucial to understand the fact that this doesn’t mean that we apply less makeup, but that we have to pay a lot of attention to the colors and textures of the products we use so that the result to be a glowing skin without flaws and without the unaesthetic and unwanted mask effect. For this, the first and most important step is to obtain a flawless, impeccable skin. Therefore, you have to take care of the skin and prepare it for makeup. Still, the essential step is made when choosing and applying foundation.

When looking for the perfect natural finish foundation, make sure you stay away from those that are darker or that offer a paler looking skin, or those that emphasize your features. The best thing to do is to find one with a fluid texture that will perfectly blend and enter into the skin. If you have oily skin, it is preferable to apply a powdered base or choose an oil-free foundation. Whether you need shades of pink or apricot, keep in mind that the color of your foundation needs to totally match your skin complexion, otherwise your natural makeup will be ruined. After applying foundation with your fingers, use a sponge in order to remove the excess and even the surface.


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If you need to, you can use the concealer to hide certain imperfections. Otherwise, next step is to apply powder. Even though we are talking about nude makeup, we should use powder in order to fix foundation and smooth the overall aspect. A great choice would be a translucent powder, but you can also go for a colored one as long as it doesn’t darken your complexion in an unnatural way. After the powder, it’s time you apply a gentle touch of blush in order to sculpt your features and add a healthy hue to the skin. The blush should also be chosen based on your skin color.

As for the eyes, if you are not so much into the all-nude makeup, you can apply a gentle layer of eyeshadow in a light, neutral color, such as apricot, beige, taupe, pale pink, on the fix eyelid. Arrange the eyebrows using a special brush for a natural look. Next, a coat of black or transparent mascara to bring out the beauty of your eyes is more than welcomed. For the lips, some lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick in a light shade can help you finish the nude makeup. If you choose to leave the lips nude, tap a bit of concealer on to the mouth.

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