Makeup plays a very important role when it comes to beauty and style and each season new makeup trends are set just so women can be diverse with the looks obtained using makeup. The new makeup trends usually suit the fashion trends of the moment so the look obtained can be complete. Makeup can truly be a girl’s best friend especially if the makeup is applied properly and the makeup shades used suit the skin tone perfectly. One of the hottest eye makeup trends for the spring summer 2011 season is pastel color makeup and this is perfect for everyone.

Bright, warm colors help create an adorable look which can be adapted to the occasion style and to the age. Pastel eye makeup suits all ages as the warm shades brighten up the complexion, creating a soft and fun look which is perfect for the spring summer season.

The spring summer 2011 eye makeup trends look fabulous and diverse allowing you to select a makeup style which suits different occasions. The pastel makeup trend set for 2011 uses a variety of fabulous eyeshadow shades including blue, green, pink, orange, gold, red. These shades look fabulous and can come in different hues so you can definitely opt for a hue which suits your skin tone best.

The brightness of the color will help you achieve a look suitable for the day or for the evening, so try to pay attention to these details if you wish to obtain a flawless makeup style.

For a subtler makeup style, one can use colors which are a bit paler, eyeshadow shades which don’t stand out too much. The rest of the makeup is also maintained simple, a bit of blush and a lip colored lipstick.

However, if you wish to go bolder, and this is usually more appropriate for evenings, you can opt for brighter eye makeup shades and match the bold eye makeup with a bold colored lip makeup. Choose hot pink, orange-red or fire red lipstick for the spring summer 2011 season as these shades are the trendiest. If lipstick is not really your thing, you can opt for bare lips or a clear lip gloss to complete your lovely makeup.

Choose to experiment with different looks as only this way you will be able to discover the benefits and beauty of pastel makeup. Adapt the makeup to your facial features and you will most definitely look stunning!

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