Nowadays we can get plenty info before even heading to the beauty counter to stock up on desired items. With reviews, clear descriptions, ingredient lists all on our finger tips, we can definitely make good beauty product choices. However, since choices aren’t always perfect, we can wind up with something entirely different from what we anticipated. Your lipstick might be a different tone than you’ve expected, you might accidentally break your fav product or might even need a feature you haven’t anticipated. What to do then? Toss them in the trash, return them or give them to a friend? Not necessarily. You can also try to fix your beauty products. Here are a few tips on how to do it:

Make lipstick tones lighter Try this trick on your overly dramatic lipstick tones. Smear lipstick on your palm and add a dab of liquid concealer over it and blend. The more concealer you add the lighter the tone will become. Then, using one of the makeup brush essentials, the lip brush, apply it carefully on the lips.

Transform a tone Sometimes, a tone can feel wrong all together. Rather than simply throwing out the ‘wrong’ item, try seeing the situation as a creative opportunity and try mixing the tone with another one from your collection. Who knows, you might accidentally discover your dream custom color.

Liven up concealer/blusher If your concealer looks less than stellar but hasn’t expired yet, mix it with a little foundation or eye cream to revive it. A similar trick can be used for overly pigmented blushes. Just mix them with transparent powder until you get the subtler version you really wanted.

Shattered powder eyeshadow fix It happens to the best of us: we reach for something in a hurry and next thing we know, our favorite eye-shadow lands on the bathroom floor. To fix things you’ll need to add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the compact. Then, using a butter knife, carefully smooth the powder back into shape and leave it to dry before using it.

Stiff nail polish lid fix If you ignored your fav nail polish in favor of experimenting with new tones and colors, you might have the unpleasant surprise of discovering that you can’t open the nail polish bottle anymore. But don’t despair: fill a bowl with warm water and place your nail polishes in it, upside down, for five minutes. Next, remove the bottle and try opening the lid. If you see dried nail polish residue, wipe with a paper towel or use tweezers to remove the excess and you’re good to go.

Simple Tricks to Fix Your Beauty Products