For the collaboration with Shu Uemura for the Tokyo Kamon Girls cleansing oils, Japanese Manga artist Moyoco Anno developed the cutest designs for the bottles, translating into playful new packaging.

This doesn’t mean that the product we all love so much are different, no! The oils remain the same, the only difference is that the packaging is more beautiful than ever.

While the oils cleanse, enrich, energize, nourish, comfort, purify and revitalize the skin, the very artistic packages speak to our senses, the artistic ones. This is the perfect example in cosmetics where contemporary art meets the art of beauty.

The bottles represent each one of them, a “Tokyo Kamon Girl” who represents the different emotions women across the world share in common. This means the serene girl for the classic cleansing oil, the cute charming one for the cleansing oil fresh, the energetic strong willed woman (Cleansing Oil Enriched), a graceful, elegant highly revered Japanese woman (Cleansing Oil A/O), or the coquette and flirtatious women on the Brightening Cleansing Oil.

All product, in a limited series, are available at $65.00 (Classic, Enriched and Fresh) or $75.00 (Brightening and Premium), via and Shu Uemura boutiques worldwide.