Winter doesn't necessarily mean gloomy, cold days. Abracadabra, Abracadabra... Forget about sadness and get ready to live a colorful, sparkling season sprinkled with amazing rainbows. Enter into a fantastic world with the new bewitching Shu Uemura Abracadabra Fantasy Collection for Holiday 2010. This new makeup collection was created by Aya Takano and it is a beautiful invitation into a magical, fairytale world.

The Shu Uemura Abracadabra Fantasy Collection for Holiday 2010 is too sweet to be true. Based on the idea that makeup is the ultimate way to wear your wishes, this collection made by Aya Takano enchants with its mesmerizing colors, glitters, and a whimsical design just like a magic spell taking you into a fantasy world.

The special colors will make you think to frosty winter with a crystalline sparkling snow coat covering the streets. Moreover, the warmer tones will bring the specific peaceful feeling of the holiday season. Besides luxurious eyeshadow palettes, sparkly eyeliners and sweet lip glosses, you'll also find, in this abracadabra collection, sophisticated eyelashes with glittery and shiny magical heart and star symbols, and a high performance balancing cleansing oil.

Bowwow! Magic Queen Eye & Cheek Palette

This is a pressed eyeshadow and cheek warm-toned color palette inspired by the typical holiday home decoration with luxurious silver, gold and bronze hues, and the traditional fresh pine scent of the Christmas tree. The perfect image of a peaceful, merry holiday season. The special palette includes: 3 Pressed Eye shadows, Cream Eye shadow-liner, Cream Highlighter, Glow on blush, 2 Applicator brushes.

Reindeer Kiss xxxx Eye & Cheek Palette

This is the perfect moment for you to find the reindeer and get a kiss. Transform your winter in that one special time of the year when humans and animals play together in a dreamy wonderland where the magic sparkling snow coat covers the city. The colors of this eye and cheek palette evoke a frosty, mesmerizing winter containing 3 Pressed Eye shadows, Cream Eye shadow-liner, Cream Highlighter, Glow on blush, 2 Applicator brushes.

Sparkly Purple Paint Crayon

For a well-defined line and an easy blending, Shu Uemura collection offers you a long-lasting mechanical eyeliner in a fantastical color that adds a festive touch to your eyes. Intense and soft, this purple paint crayon has sparkly gold glitters offering a seductive accent to your eyes. It comes in 3 shades: Delta Sky Blue – glizy blue (only in Japan), Magical Pink – love pink (only in Japan), Purple Diamond Lie – purple sparkly.

Magical Windfalls Partial False Eyelashes and Dream Coaster Premium False Eyelashes

For a dramatic holiday makeup, you can wear dreamy, princess eyelashes and create your own pair for the festive season. First, there are the Magical Windfalls Partial False Eyelashes, black with glittery and shiny magical heart and star symbols for a cute accent. Then, there are the Dream Coaster Premium False Eyelashes, which have a variety of abracadabra symbol stickers enclosed offering the possibility to make your personal lashes based on your taste. Premium double-layer eyelashes with 2 long white feathers that bounce as you blink, and are specially made to enhance the size and sparkle of your eyes.

Lip Duo Tint & Gloss

This is one amazing duo that allows you to use the tint alone for a more matte result, or add a soft lip gloss coat for a sweet, youthful look. The product is available in 3 combinations: Love Apricot (apricot gloss gives a rich, sparkly shine with gold and silver glitters, while the rouge is a seductive coral beige), Harmony Pink (enter a world of floral harmony in this vibrant fuchsia gloss with a transparent finish, rouge in a sweet, girly pink), Passion Red (light red passion – only in Japan).

Miracle Cherry Blush Tint

Takano's sexy-cute characters have inspired this next product, a unique lightweight gel blush. A soft texture that instantly adds a blossoming blush to your cheeks melting into the skin. Besides offering a natural-looking glow, the miracle cherry blush has a long-lasting characteristic too.

High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula

A cleansing oil with a mild formula for moisturized skin with a long-cherished fresh and sensuous aroma. Prepare your skin for makeup with this oil that gently cleanses and maintains the skin’s moisture balance with advanced HPO system, Asian botanical oils, such as camellia oil and ginger root oil. It works for every skin type.

Peace & Harmony Mini Brush Set

A portable brushes with a triangular case that represents harmony. The brush set includes a beautiful assortment of 4 essential brushes:

Lip brush which has soft but firm bristles to create precise lines on the lip

Shader brush for powder, cream and liquid eye shadow application. The long spread out bristles provide a light touch that is best for blending and building color

Tapered blending brush is perfect for shading and blending the crease line with powder shadows

Powder/blush brush has the ideal density for face powder and cheek color application, bronzing, as well as dusting off excess powders.