Prominent features as a pointy chin, a high forehead as well as a wide or on the contrary too narrow nose, when neglected can spoil your overall look. In order to flash your best side it is essential to know how to bring out the best of these with a few tricks. Masking is one of the solutions, however, in the case of the nose it would be pretty tricky. Joggling with proportions is the key to success. Often people who are desperately looking for a solution appeal to plastic surgery which is both painful and costly.

Why not experiment with the miracles of makeup techniques to find out whether you can create the desired effect.

A wider or an extremely narrow nose can cause lots of headaches, especially if you don’t know how to improve its look. Believe it or not, makeup offers you the chance to play up or down the size and the shape of the nose.

The secret is to improve your makeup skills and learn the basics. Here are the vital guidelines when it comes to makeup and nose shape.

Narrow Nose

It’s simpler to mask the narrow appearance of your nose than you would think. The trick is to use a concealer that is a bit darker than your natural skin color on the center of your nose.

Then cover the side of the nose with another concealer that is a few shades lighter than the original skin tone.

Head downwards until you reach the nostrils in order to create the desired wideness. Make sure you use the best concealer for your skin type and apply the base evenly. This step will be enough to draw the attention to the widened nose.

Broad Nose

Those who struggle with a broad nose often appeal to surgery in order to narrow down their prominent feature.

Indeed, it is harder to deal with it due to the place it occupies on our face. Makeup will again help us in minimizing its eye-popping effect through a few steps. First of all grab the foundation, the best shade when it comes to slimming is 1-2 tones darker than your natural skin color. Use a makeup brush to efficiently spread the foundation on the critical spot.

Secure the perfect application by sweeping the sides of the nose with this darker foundation and the ideal brush. Start from the inner corners of the eyebrows and head downwards until you get to the nostrils. This way you’ll be able to fake the narrow look. The bridge of the nose on the other hand should be covered with a lighter shade of foundation.

Applying exactly the opposite ritual as with narrow noses. This shade will accentuate only the proportion that should be flashed. Finally top the effect with a transparent powder.

Long Nose

Large noses are also pretty problematic, again foundation may be the remedy to place them into a more favorable light.

The tip of makeup artists is to apply a foundation that is with not more than 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone to the tips right between the nostrils.

It is also essential to cover the whole spot with either foundation and concealer for a better blending and natural effect.

The darker shade of the makeup base will miraculously reduce the length of the nose offering it an even and more proportionate shape and size.

Bumpy Nose

Bumpy noses can immediately capture the attention of others. Indeed, if not covered and balanced properly, it can also overshadow your whole look. However, again there’s no need to go under the knife to create the illusion of a well-proportioned nose. Here’s the trick you should apply to correct a bumpy nose

Apply a darker but not extremely dark foundation right down th center line of the nose. Furthermore, cover the bump to camouflage the tiny beauty flaw with the same colored foundation. This is the best method to fake the straightness of it and mask the bump.