We’ve all heard the saying “make-up is a girl’s best friend”, and this saying actually has a well founded base. The development of makeup has allowed women to completely transform their look, enhancing their natural beauty. However, makeup application can make a difference as if applied wrong makeup can turn into your worst enemy. Adapting the makeup to the age as well as the occasion is a must, this is why we have put together some tips for fall/winter 2010 school makeup for teen girls.

Teens have an unrivaled natural beauty which doesn’t require the use of too much makeup. Youthful skin can appear aged if a heavy makeup is applied, this is why it is important to detect that fine line between a fabulous look and a disastrous one. It is very important to understand that adaptability is a natural human characteristic, this is why the eye can adapt to the makeup and so you will not be able to see clearly that your makeup doesn’t offer you advantages. Learning different tips and tricks to look fabulous is definitely a must, especially since makeup trends change every season and adapting the makeup to the new trends is a must if you like to always look up-to-date.

Because there is a variety of makeup styles to choose from and because age also plays a very important role in the selection of your makeup, we have put together a few fall/winter 2010 school makeup ideas for teen girls to inspire yourself from, as they are lovely:

The bare makeup look

Just because you’re going for a bare makeup look it doesn’t mean you will look boring. Flawless skin, perfect skin will always be difficult to top, this is why this makeup style is among the most popular makeup styles on the runway fashion presentations as well. Creating this type of makeup couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is conceal any skin imperfection using a concealer and apply a skin tone matching foundation which has a light texture. Apply a small amount of blush to your cheekbones so they will have a bit of definition but still look perfectly natural, and apply a lip colored lipstick on your lips. Since you are going for a bare look apply a white eyeliner pencil on your waterline, coat your eyelashes using a dark brown or black colored mascara and comb your eyebrows using an eyebrow comb. This look is fabulous and perfect for any occasion.

Nina RicciPrada

The cashmere skin look

Choosing to emphasize the beauty of your skin can be one of your best options when it comes to makeup, as perfect soft skin attracts a generous amount of attention. Teen girls can create the cashmere skin look easily using makeup, as their skin is wrinkle free, thus offers a perfect base. Apply a concealer on any skin imperfections and use a skin tone matching foundation which allows the skin to radiate. Illuminating skin foundations help obtain this look, so go light and create a perfect looking skin. Apply a lush eyeshadow which suits and blends well with your natural skin tone so it doesn’t become too obvious, eyeshadow hues such as honey, peach, toffee, etc. To add a bit of definition to the eye contour the line of your eyelashes with an eyeliner pencil and coat your lashes naturally using a black or brown colored mascara.

Because your cheekbones need a bit of definition as well apply a small amount of rosy, peach or tan blush and your skin will instantly become warmer. Keep the lips bare looking or apply a bit of pink colored lip color in matte or shimmery.

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Keep in mind that daytime makeup is always light, so try not to go bold if you don’t want to look unnatural and inappropriate!

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