Investing in high end makeup may feel like a big commitment at first, but there are plenty of advantages it provides over drugstore makeup. Take your beauty routine to the next level by investing in the right products, not just paying more for the same.

Discover the best reasons to upgrade from drugstore makeup to department store makeup, from the wider selection to better customer service. If you’re considering switching to high end makeup, here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t delay the transition.

Drugstore Makeup Doesn’t Offer the Same Variety of Shades

Matching your skin tone is the most important thing when it comes to makeup, and plenty of drugstore buys are creating for the most common skin tones. You’ll get a better match if you try department store makeup, and you’re also more likely to find products designed specifically for your skin. Investing in high end makeup for sensitive skin is a must.

High End Makeup Uses Better Pigments

If you’re really picky about colors, you’ll want to upgrade from drugstore makeup in order to get more saturated pigments. Department store makeup products often include less water and less filler ingredients, providing better coverage and a more intense shade.

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Enjoy Better Customer Service

While the prices for drugstore makeup are very attractive, you can’t really sample products in the same way as in a department store. Choosing high end makeup also means you can get help in making the right choice, in the form of both salespeople and professional makeup artists. If you’re looking for the perfect match between products and your skin, you’re a lot more likely to find it there.

Get Professional Tips

When your skin is out of the ordinary in any way, you can definitely benefit from an upgrade from drugstore makeup. Cosmetics specialists don’t just help you choose the right product, they can also help you understand why some products you wouldn’t have chosen yourself are the best fit for your beauty needs.

Is Drugstore Makeup Bad For Your Skin

Enjoy Longer Lasting Products

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the difference in price is just about the brand name. Buying high end makeup usually means they’ll last for longer. Paying more for waterproof makeup products is definitely a wise choice, since they’re less likely to smudge or cause problems. Makeup brushes are also worth the investment, and they’ll last longer than drugstore brands.

Get Better Quality Ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients used in makeup, you’ll have to become a discerning buyer. However, one of the reasons to upgrade from drugstore makeup is the fact that high end makeup uses ingredients that are less likely to cause issues for your skin. By using a better base, department store makeup will be easier to apply and provide better coverage.

Department Store Makeup Has Better Packaging

More compact and more sturdy, high end makeup is usually easier to transport and use when you’re on the go. You might not think that the packaging matters, but paying more means you’re less likely to discover your makeup products have spilled inside of your bag after your dropped it.

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Become a More Discerning Buyer

When you upgrade from drugstore makeup, you don’t always have to go all the way. Comparing high end makeup products with drugstore ones will let you confirm that you’re getting what you paid for most of the time. Mascara, along with nail polish and lip gloss don’t always deserve the higher price, but foundation, concealer and powder are definitely worth the investment.

Use the Return Policy

Department store makeup brands usually have good return policies if you buy a product and notice irritation, redness or other problems. You don’t usually get the same option for your drugstore buys.

Support Better Practices

Not all expensive makeup is eco-friendly, and not all cheap one is harmful to the environment. However, if you upgrade from drugstore makeup to products that guarantee they’re cruelty-free, you can be sure that the manufacturers live up to that promise, and the same goes for ethical practices.