Let the key beauty trends inspire you to glam up your look with a few on trend application techniques. Pro beauticians from all over the world will furnish you with a huge parade of tricks you can use during your makeup sessions. Learn from the most visionary MUAs who had the chance to collaborate with numerous celebs from Hollywood.

Scott Barnes is one of the most influential names to keep in mind when looking for a few beauty hints which help you live out your wildest makeup fantasies. Read through the following list of Scott Barnes’s makeup tips to rise above the crowd with your ultra-voguish and flawless look.

Concealer Tip

Scott Barnes advises you to start preparing the canvas for the rest of the makeup with a concealer. Use a creamy formula to hide crow’s feet and dark spots. Go as close to the lower lashline as you can. This is the secret of faking your way to a revitalized look.

Use your finger to guarantee the perfect blending. We find out from Scott that you can use concealer also as a highlighter. Put a tiny amount of this formula on the tip of the nose, on the middle of the forehead, the chin and the apple of your cheeks for higher cheekbones.

Foundation Tip

According to Scott, cream foundations do magic with our complexion. Ease the application by using this formula. Choose the perfect shade by applying a tiny amount of this product on your chest as this is the spot where the sun also gets in contact with the skin.

The neck would be a no-no choice this time. First use a brush to apply a thin layer of foundation from the collarbone up to the neck. Use circular motions to spread the same product on your face. The secret for a uniform look is to work with a ‘sweeping outward motion’ as Scott calls it.

Blush Tip

Apply the blush before powdering your face. In order to make the best of the shade and powder texture, use a blush brush, dip it into the product and tap out the excess on the side of the palette.

Again use circular motions to work the formula into the apples of your cheeks. Set your makeup base with translucent powder.

Eyelash Tips

Curl your lashes with a high quality curler. Then apply the first coat of mascara. The secret of the perfect application is to use a tissue paper to remove the product excess. Keep the wand loaded with mascara on the tissue for a few seconds and then start highlighting your lashes. Start at the base and load the lashes with mascara, then focus on the ends to make sure the effect is dazzling.

Eye Shadow Tip

Scott offers us the chance to create the perfect daytime or nighttime eye makeup. First apply the eye shadow on your lids and start blending it into the overall color of your complexion using your fingers. Use a darker shade and apply it into the crease for more definition. Enhance eyes by applying the same shade to draw the lower lashline. Use your finger to smudge the fine line for a softer effect.

Lip Makeup Tip

Find a lip-liner which is close to the natural color of your lips. Draw the line of your lips going to the edge. If you want kissable and fuller lips, all you have to do is highlight the section between the two peaks. Apply the lipstick shade depending on the effect you want to create and cover it with a soft and matching lip gloss using your fingers if you want to even it out.

Image courtesy of scottbarnes.com