Experimenting with diverse makeup looks is one of the shortest ways to become a glam diva. However, it is also highly recommended to polish your application skills by drawing some inspiration from the newest techniques used by makeup gurus. Laura Mercier is one of the beauty godmothers of the moment who succeeds in turning our fave celebs and catwalk models into beauty icons.

Through this brief list of professional makeup tips from Laura Mercier, every budding ‘it’ girl will have the opportunity to put her creativity and handiness to a fab test. Use these basic guidelines to nail down a few mesmerizing party or casual looks.

Foundation Primer Tip

Laura Mercier warns us that in order to guarantee the flawless look of our makeup base it is important to prepare our complexion using a moisturizer or any other hydrating product. Using a foundation or a foundation primer is the secret to mask all our tiny or more severe beauty flaws. The beautician launched a brand new formula called Foundation Primer ($40) which prepares the canvas for the rest of the makeup. Place this product into the fridge to reduce the puffiness of your eyes and skin when applying it on your complexion.

Foundation Tip

In order to pull off a natural-looking makeup base all you have to do is use a damp sponge and apply a tiny amount of foundation on it.

The key to secure the proper application is to work this formula into the skin heading from the outer sections towards the nose.

Concealer Tip

The secret to perfect concealer application is to cover your skin with this product in natural daylight. Tackle the spots where you see the shadows.

These areas will need a tiny amount of correction in order to create the impression of a healthy-looking complexion. Use a pro makeup brush to apply concealer on the outer corner and under the eyes.

Face Powder Tip

Laura Mercier advises every beauty kitten to use a translucent loose face powder to set the makeup base. The perfect tool to ensure the uniform application is a velour puff applicator. Use rolling motions to make sure your skin is properly covered with this formula. In addition, it is also important to remember that pigmented powder should be used only on the cheeks and forehead and definitely not around the mouth or eyes.

Eye Shadow Tip

Prepare for the holiday season with a glittery glam makeup look. Use eye shadow shades which suit your skin and eye color. Laura Mercier offers her tip when it comes to securing the long-lasting hold of your eye makeup. The beautician claims that it is important to use brushes instead of your finger which, “smooths shadow down to leave a glazed, compacted effect. Use brushes and a shadow lasts forever.”

Professional Makeup Tips From Laura Mercier

Image courtesy of Getty Images, Laura Mercier