This vintage fashion style, the pin-up fashion, is a style which can easily be recognized due to the sexy adorable looking outfits, the trademark pumps, the sensual make-up and eye catching hairstyles. This 1950’s fashion style has made a huge comeback, becoming more and more popular among women. The new designs maintain the same patterns as they used to in the past. It seems that this fashion style didn’t need any modern touches implemented since it looks gorgeous as original.

When it comes to make-up you can go the original way or you can spice things up a bit by creating or experimenting with new colors and styles. To create this gorgeous pin-up girl style make-up you need to:

apply foundation according to your skin type. Use a powder foundation for normal and oily skin types and liquid foundation for dry skin. Use a shade that matches your skin type. The original pin-up make-up had a certain paler look, but it is best to work exactly with you type of skin

for the eyeshadow you can use colors which work best for you. You can use 2 or three color eyeshadows to create certain effects like depth and dimension. This way your eyes will stand out even more. You can use gold colors, matte or shimmery, depending on the rest of your outfit

Dita Von Teese Pin-up Make-up

apply a black liquid eyeliner close to your upper eyelashes starting from your inner corner towards the outer corner. Extend the eyeliner upwards and out to create a cat eye effect. This way your eyes will appear more sensual

define your eyebrows with an angled brush and use an eyeshadow a few shades darker than your hair color. You will be able to give your eyebrows the definition and thickness they need in order to soften the facial features

using a lip liner line your lips to give them a better definition. Use a lip liner which is similar to your lip color. Make your lips bigger by applying the lip liner just above the lip line or contour under your lip line top make your lips appear smaller

apply a lipstick in bright red shade for a sexy and sensual look

as far as the hairstyles go choose one that matches your type of hair and hair length. There are so many gorgeous ways to create a pin-up girl hairstyle. Choose a hairstyle which works best for you and enhances your facial features

The Pin-up girl fashion is a gorgeous and feminine style which didn’t come as a surprise when it made a comeback.