Permanent eyeliner can be the perfect solution for a stay-on eyeliner. Your eyes will always look like you just put makeup on.

The permanent eyeliner is just like a tattoo on the eyelid. This way the eyeliner cannot be washed out, wiped off or smudged. Like any permanent cosmetic procedure it is always best to look at the pros and cons of permanent eyeliner:

Advantages of Permanent Eyeliner:– the permanent eyeliner will always stay on therefore you will always look like you just put makeup on.– you save a lot of time in the morning, making your makeup routine easier and quicker.– the eyeliner can make the eyelashes appear thicker and denser.– getting a permanent eyeliner can get you to save money if you are using an expensive eyeliner.

Disadvantages of Eyeliner Tattoos:– permanent eyeliner actually fades away in a few years so touch-up sessions will be required.– getting a permanent eyeliner by someone who is not very experienced can lead to a not so desired permanent eyeliner or worst – complications like infections or allergic reactions.– eyeliner trends seem to change from one year to another, so you might end up with a out of style permanent makeup.– the permanent makeup removal procedure is pretty painful and expensive.

Permanent Eyeliner ProcedurePermanent Makeup Results

Think well about the cons and pros of this procedure and if you think this is a good option for you don’t hesitate and enjoy your no-smudge permanent makeup.