Minimal style not always means that you are a rookie in this art. In fact the nude lips makeup trend 2010 illustrates that more mastery is necessary to fake a natural look than to pile up various effects. Those who are fond of the softened tones and would like to adopt a smooth and neat style trend should engage into popularizing the latest trends in lip makeup. The matte tones would add a radiating flair to the complexion and would perfectly complement the prominent eye makeup. Learn how to sport this trend in a few steps.

In spite of the fact that the runway was flooded both with natural as well as dazzling and more vibrating makeup styles, nude lips managed to recruit enough fans among designers. These fashion wizards were reluctant to wrap their models in an artificial cover. Instead they managed to create a youthful and alluring impression that accentuated both their unique collections as well as the raw beauty of these girls. From the matte tones to bare lips all were illustrated in the course of the fabulous shows. People who are eager to cut back on their makeup session and strip off the artificial look will have the chance to join the revolutionary movement of emphasizing the best features be it either the lips or the eyes. The neutral effect of the makeup exposes all the fine lines and unique features of the face. Therefore make sure you adopt the nude lips makeup trend 2010 by perfecting your skills on applying the makeup base with great mastery.

Roksanda Ilincic 2010 Roksanda Ilincic 2010

Various designers appealed to a futuristic vision when projecting their view on the upcoming trends in makeup. Roksana Ilincic is only one of the most representative members of the non-conformism when it comes of nude lips. In this collection the emphasis was clearly placed on the eyes. The depth of the copper eye makeup and the matte tone of the complexion are fused in a perfect ensemble. The slicked-back hair style further boosts the effect of the appearance by flashing the smashing contrast between pale lips and statement eyes. Those who would like to experiment with similar projects should choose a dark-toned eye shadow and preserve the lips smooth and muted in tone. Pairing the makeup style with a wet or smooth hairdo will have the guaranteed larger-than-life effect.

Anna Sui 2010 Anna Sui 2010 Gucci 2010 Gucci 2010

The exquisite fashion shows of Gucci and Anna Sui also went for the safest method and meant to bring out the best of the eyes and find the perfect solution to complement the natural look. The year 2010 is characterized by a minimalist approach to makeup, therefore it is worth skimming through the versatile presentations to find the right combination of tones and draw some inspiration of the runway looks. In this case nude lips proved to be the best means to illuminate the complexion of models and highlight the innocence and natural beauty image.

Choose the proper foundation that flatters your skin type as well as the complementary powder and make sure your lips blend into this matte look accentuating the softened texture and sensuality. Cover your lips with a high quality tinted moisturizer or powder, to camouflage the eventual beauty flaws. The only condition to pull off the nude lips look with mastery is to offer regular conditioning to this sensitive spot. Appeal to the visionary lure provided by mascara and black eyeliner, perfectly matching all eye shapes and colors.

Hussein Chalayan 2010 Hussein Chalayan 2010

Hussein Chalayan despite his fondness for architecture and glam decided to launch a purifying project when designing the ideal look to represent the unique creations. Models worn black eyeliner and additional mascara as well as nude lips to pinpoint the power of gaze. The neutral tones of the fabulous dresses and style items were preserved by the dressed down makeup that served as additional detail rather than a means to suppress the beauty of the sillhouettes. Adding a Romantic and Earth-friendly shade to the lips will create the breezy look worth experimenting with during the spring and summer season.

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