Glam-up your look by sporting the latest trends in makeup, as the new styles and hues created for the new season have distanced themselves from the others through boldness and elegance. Check out the following glam makeup ideas and inspire yourself for your next glamorous look!

All hail, the new glam makeup ideas which have been created by some of the world's most talented makeup artists are here, demonstrating just how a touch of color can transform your look. Along time, a variety of makeup styles featuring different hues have been created, but the ones that suit the new season are the best by far.

Makeup should be your best friend, so don't be afraid to play around with different looks as it is only makeup and if it doesn't suit your style, you can always wipe it off and start over. Choosing right from the myriad of makeup products is definitely not easy, that's why we have put together a few gorgeous new glam makeup ideas that can inspire you and help underline your amazing style. Flirty and fabulous, these makeup styles suit most skin tones and will contribute greatly to emphasizing your best facial features, so wear your makeup confidently and experiment:

by Rush

Orange and coral hues are amazing and incredibly popular in the new season, meaning they will help you stand out in addition to adding a bit of warmth to your look. A fabulous look always starts with a flawless complexion, so cover-up any blemishes and apply a fluid foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. Use a peach or tan colored blush to define your cheekbones subtly and then focus your attention on your eyes. Bring them out using your favorite bright orange or coral eyeshadow hue and use a black eyeshadow along your crease to add more depth to your look. Blend the black hue well with the orange so you obtain a smooth transition from one hue to the next. Emphasize your glamorous eyes by lining your waterline using a black eyeliner pencil and finish the look using a black mascara. Keep your lips bare or make them look spectacular by applying a fierce red lipstick.

by Rush

Purple makeup is still maintaining a top position as far as color trends go, so don't hesitate to give this wonderful hue a try as it compliments all eye colors. Add an even look to your skin using a tinted moisturizer or a foundation and set it using a translucent powder if necessary. Emphasize your eyes using a deep purple, highly pigmented eyeshadow after you've prepped your eyelids using a primer for best results. Use a black eyeshadow on your crease and an eyeliner which you'll smudge along your lash line for added dimension. Finish your look by opting for a nude or pink colored lipstick in the hue that compliments your skin tone.

by Saco Artistic Team

Earth tones have made a huge comeback as far as makeup goes, so if you want to radiate beauty and bring out your eyes, green eye makeup is the solution. Use a shimmery green hue to add that sexy glam to your look and use a black mascara to finish the look. Subtly define your cheekbones using a soft blush hue and apply a nude lipstick on your lips to obtain a perfectly balanced look that states perfection. Green eye makeup looks amazing in combination with fire red hair but compliments other hair colors as well.