Neon colors are all the rage in 2013! It can be seen everywhere, from clothes to accessories and beauty products. If you tested bright colored clothes, and maybe found out that they’re a bit too bold for your taste, you shouldn’t shy away from the neon lips makeup trend.

It’s actually easier to pull off than a neon outfit, as long as you follow a few simple rules. Here’s how to make the neon lips makeup trend work for you!

Neon Lips Makeup Trend: Choose the Colors You Love

You may toss and turn wondering what are the neon lip makeup colors that suit you best, or you may simply follow your gut and preferences, and choose whatever neon shades you like!

As you’ll find out, there are plenty of neon hues to choose from, ranging from bold pinks to vibrant orange, red, purple and fuchsia. And you don’t have to settle just for one! Buy as many as you like, so that you are able to match them to your outfit.

Occ Lip Tar Neon Shades

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics provides a vast array of neon lips makeup products, all you have to do is choose the ones you like most! Some of the most appealing are Stalker Lip Tar (a blue based red), Nylon Lip Tar (bubblegum pink with a neon twist), and Pretty Boy Lip Tar (a super rich fuchsia).

Neon Lips Makeup Trend: Moisturize Your Pout

A rule of thumb when it comes to neon lipstick, is to moisturize your pout first. Obviously, it applies solely to neon matte lipsticks that tend to dry your precious lips and make you feel uneasy.

Besides, it is highly important to moisturize your lips before putting on a neon lipstick because the bright hue will put emphasis on every small detail of your pout… and you probably aim for sensual lips and not for a cracked, peeling disaster.You might also like: How to Wear Neon Colors

Neon Lips Makeup Tips

Lip balms will do the trick when it comes to lip moisturizing prior to neon lipstick application. A Darphin Age-Defying Lip Balm might be a good choice, thanks to its all-day hydration properties.

Neon Lips Makeup Trend: Keep It Simple

It’s not a must, but if you’re not used to wearing neon lipstick, you should keep the rest of your makeup simple. Neon lips look amazing when paired with sheer foundation, a hint of blush and delicate mascara.

If you feel more adventurous, then you may also go for neon makeup such as vibrant eye shadows (POP Beauty Lid Neon provides the expected results) or electric eye liners. Just make sure you avoid the 80s clowny look!

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