Stay on trend with the newest beauty techniques to guarantee the success of your makeover. Read through the multitude of makeup guides that allow you to improve your skills and pull off glamorous and modern looks.

Learn more about your skin type and color to choose only the most flattering hues and cosmetic formulas. Start the re-style from the basis by applying a textbook style makeup base. Then proceed to the next level and start accentuating your best assets. These must know makeup tips will help you secure the standing ovation paid to your casual or party look.

Foundation Tip

In order to create the impression of a radiant and flawless complexion, it is important to devote special attention to the proper application of foundation. Tackle the most delicate spots as the hairline, ear lobes, jaw line, the area under the eyes along with the corners of the mouth and nose in order to make sure you created a uniform effect. Choose a foundation formula that suits your skin type and color.

Concealer Tip

Pro makeup artists play with concealers and foundations in order to hide the most prominent beauty flaws. The trick to make sure you create the perfect canvas for the rest of the makeup is to experiment with the following beauty ritual.

In case you’re using powder or cream foundation, make sure you apply the concealer first. On the other hand, if you opt for a liquid foundation, it is highly recommended to apply this formula first and then use the concealer to mask the tiniest skin problems.

Eyeliner Tip

In order to define your brows it is a must to work with sharpened eyeliners. In order to make sure you achieve the best texture of this cosmetic formula, all you have to do is place it into the freezer for no more than 10 minutes.

This is the ideal period for the pencil to harden. Sharpen the eyeliner or lip liner with great care using this useful beauty secret.

Eye Shadow Tips

Find out the ultimate remedy to revitalize tired eyes with makeup. Pro beauticians advise you to apply the eye shadow from the outer corner of the eye upwards. Furthermore, using a lighter highlighter on the brow bone can also do magic with your glimpse. Concentrate on the proper application of the eye shadow and crown your look with mascara you should apply on the inner corner of the eyes.

Lip Makeup Tip

Emphasize this sensual spot by using a few of the time-tested beauty tricks. Create the kissable lips effect by applying a tiny layer of eye shadow in a color that suits your lip shade. Limit the application to the center of the lower and upper lips. The result will be simply irresistible. Furthermore, if you have too prominent lip lines, you can hide them by applying lipstick vertically rather than horizontally as we usually do.

Must Know Makeup Tips

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