Get a few makeup tips and tricks from acclaimed makeup artists for a flawless look. Learn the art of makeup application in a few steps.

Prepare your complexion for a glamorous and dramatic makeover. Don't forget about the importance of high quality cosmetic formulas and beauty tools that guarantee the dazzling outcome of your re-style.

Learn how to master the art of makeup with the following makeup artist tricks that will give you an insight into the time-tested tricks pro beauticians use before red carpet and fashion shows. Use your knowledge to pull off the most inspiring looks during the upcoming seasons.

Makeup Base Trick

Jane McKay, as one of the popular makeup artists for MAC, grants us with the secret of the perfect makeup base. According to this beautician, it is extremely important to apply a small amount of foundation to the center of your face and start spreading it outward. This is the actual technique used to create an even and natural makeup base. Then make sure you opt for a concealer shade with a pink undertone as it can do magic with your dark circles, wrinkles and skin problems in general.

Dewy Face Trick

Mathew Alexander, as one of the most sought-after makeup artists from Hollywood, reveals us the trick on how to nail down the dewy face look with ease.

The first step is to apply concealer or foundation on the lids, cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin.
Then you can proceed to the use of a highlighter you can apply on the highest point of the cheek bones as well as on the outer and inner corners of the eyes. The result will be simply fabulous.

Eye Shadow Trick

Create the impression of mesmerizing big eyes. According to the top makeup artist Sarah Lucero it is enough to use an eye shadow with a metallic finish to brighten up eyes making them appear bigger. In order to nail down the hottest look of the moment use a golden, silver or other metallic shades and apply it on your upper lashline.

Use a damp brush to get a more intense color payoff and get a more vibrant eye makeup. Then you can finish up your makeup look with mascara. Keep your summer makeup neat and long lasting with this beauty hint.

Natural Looking Blush Trick

Michael Pierce is one of the highly acclaimed beauticians from the industry. This time he grants us with the secret of nailing down the natural looking rosy cheeks effect. In order to preserve the neat quality of your look it is highly recommended to apply blush first and then cover it with concealer or foundation. This combo will allow you to blend the shade of your complexion with that of the blush. The result will be simply sight-pampering and natural.

Lipstick Trick

In order to create the delightful kissable lips effect, it is a must to use deep conditioning products. Chapped lips prove to be real beauty flaws to mask if you prepare for a special event. The secret pro beauticians use is to apply a thin layer of lip balm first. Then you can use a lipstick brush to mix some lipstick with more balm. Cover this delicate area with a similar nutritive mixture and press your lips together for the desired sensual effect.

New Makeup Tips

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