Knowing the most popular makeup styles can only benefit you as makeup is very important when it comes to physical aspect. Makeup trends are constantly changing and every decade seems to be characterized by a certain makeup style. Being fashionable is not all about adopting the latest trends, it is about choosing the style that suits you best, therefore here are some of the most popular makeup styles to choose from so you can look stunning every time.

Smokey eye makeup

Smokey eye makeup is one of the most popular makeup styles of all as it seems this style has a powerful attractiveness related to it. The faded look of this amazing make-up style creates an eye popping effect, an effect which attracts attention towards the eyes making them appear more dramatic. The most popular color used to create smokey eyes is black but other colors as well look just as fabulous. Two or multiple color tones can be used to create this fading makeup style. Purple, greens, browns and golds are great eyeshadow colors to create smokey eyes. Primer is a must when applying a smokey eye makeup as it will help set the eyeshadow in place. Applying this type of make-up needs to be done gradually and following certain steps. The darker color needs to be applied on about half of the eyelid and gradually work the lighter color in to receive a smooth, uniform transition. It is the transition which creates this smokey effect. There are a variety of eye shapes and it is essential to adapt the make-up to your eye shape, so your eyes will look gorgeous.

Dramatic eye makeup

Dramatic eye makeup is a popular makeup style as it creates a powerful eye catching effect. This makeup style is not for everyone as it is a powerful makeup which uses dark colored eyeshadow to define the eyes. This makeup style differentiates itself from the smokey eye makeup through the method of application as well as the result. Dramatic eye makeup doesn’t have a fading effect and the transition to bare skin is done quickly, dramatically. This make-up style has become quite popular among certain celebrities as it helps emphasize the eyes. This type of makeup is usually created using matte colored eyeshadow because matter colors have a more powerful look. The color is applied on the entire eyelid up to the crease. Eyeliner is often used to contour the eyes before the eyeshadow’s application. Use colors like black, dark gray, dark purple, dark red, depending on the color of your eyes and your complexion. Dramatic eye makeup usually helps emphasize eye color so it works great with any type of iris coloration.

Armani makeup dramatic makeup

Natural eye makeup

This makeup style is increasing its popularity as it is suitable for any type of occasion. Natural beauty has always been appreciated and the new trends are trying to emphasize natural beauty. Since we have reached a time where pastels dominate the fashion collections, natural eye make-up only comes to contribute to the new fashion trends look. Warm tone eyeshadow, matte or shimmery, applied softly on the eyelid, a soft contouring of the eyes using a brown colored eye pencil and a touch of mascara helps create this lovely makeup style suitable for women of all ages. Lavender, soft pink, yellow, pearl are only few of the shades you can use to create a natural looking make-up.

Minimal eye makeup

This type of make-up uses virtually no visible make-up, as some women just don’t have the skill, the time or the patience to create more sophisticated makeup styles. Minimal doesn’t mean completely bare, one can use neutral tones to create a flawless appearance. A beautiful woman is considered to be a woman who takes care of her appearance, always allowing a little bit of time for make-up, hairstyling and fashion. Nude eye color and a touch of mascara is all that is necessary to create this minimalist natural looking make-up style.

Dior natural makeup chloe minimalist makeup

Vintage eye makeup

There are a variety of vintage eye make-up styles ranging from 1920’s make-up until the late 70’s but there is one makeup style that seems to remain as popular as it used to be decades ago. A simple make-up style using eyeliner to define the eyes is still popular among teenagers as well as older women. There are a variety of ways to apply eyeliner according to your eye shape, so determining what style suits your eye shape is a priority. The eyeliner used can be liquid eyeliner, gel or pencil, but the most popular eyeliner type still remains the liquid eyeliner. Applying the eyeliner can require a little bit of practice as a smooth uniform line is required for a perfect look. You can use a nude matte eyeshadow on your eyelids if you consider it to be necessary. Apply falsies and coat your lashes with a thick coat of black colored mascara.