A small makeup kit is great for travel, but if you want to look your best most of the time, your routine should include a few if not all of the most underrated makeup products. Find out more about why they’re more useful than you think, and improve your beauty regimen instantly.

From the primer which so many skip to invisible lip liner and even bronzer, some makeup products just aren’t appreciated and used at their full potential. Discover the best way you can use the most underrated makeup products.

Face Primer

Forget about having to use too much foundation or concealer to get the flawless look you want. As one of the most underrated makeup products, face primer can help with both fine lines and big pores. It’s also the best way to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the day. You can also use a primer with color pigments, that makes foundation obsolete. For the best results, apply face primer after your moisturizer and don’t stat applying your makeup for 1-2 minutes. Our pick: Smashbox Photo Finish primer

Eye-Brightening Concealer

If you’re still using classic concealer formulas, you’re missing out on the gorgeous way in which eye-brightening concealer can light up your features. With a sheer finish, this type of concealer uses light-reflective particles for better coverage and a lovely glow. You can also use it on your eyelids and brow bone for a touch of color that won’t crease like some types of eyeshadow might. Want a travel friendly version of this great concealer? Go for a dab-on-pen. Our pick: YSL Touche Eclat concealer

Must Have Makeup Products

Invisible Lip Liner 

One of the most most underrated makeup products, invisible lip liner is better than its colored counterpart for quite a few reasons. First of all, it saves you the hassle of choosing the right shade that will match your many lipsticks. It can also give fullness to your lips, and it’s especially useful when you’re going for a sexy Cupid’s bow shape. Use it outside the lip line and your lipstick will stay on perfectly. Our pick: Lipstick Queen invisible lip liner

Brow Filler

Ever since it got a bad name caused by pencil liners, brow filler has been unjustly avoided by many women. The newest versions, whether they’re gels or brow markers, offer a very natural look, and manage to fill your eyebrows with a beautiful finish. Most brow gels come with a small brush that you need to run over your eyebrows just one for a filling effect. Brow marker are just as easy to use and their soft tip won’t scratch your skin. Our pick: Laura Geller brow marker


It’s not super easy to use and blend correctly to your best advantage, but highlighter can be very helpful in giving your skin a beautiful glow. Just like eye-brightening concealer, it can light up your skip with the help of special pigments that reflect light. The best way to use one of the most underrated makeup products is both under blush and over it, in very thin layers, for a gorgeous look. Our pick: Benefit High Beam

Must Try Makeup Products


Particularly useful in winter, blush can help you achieve a beautiful look even in the most dry and cold climate. When used in moderation, blush won’t give you fake rosy looking cheeks, but will enhance your features just the right way. Use a blush with a shimmer effect when you’re dealing with low temperatures and winds. Blush is definitely underrated in the winter and by the time spring comes along, you’ll want to keep using it every day. Our pick: NARS 0rgasm blush


Just like with blush, it’s easy to use too much bronzer and that’s what usually leads to beauty mistakes. Liquid bronzer is more easily overused, to try powder bronzer, on of the most underrated makeup products in every season. Apply it on the areas that usually get tanned first: your nose, temples and forehead, with good blending at the hairline. For a low cut dress, dab a touch on your collarbone too. Our pick: Benefit Hoola bronzer

Makeup Remover Wipes/Towelettes

Keep them in your bathroom and in your purse all the time for a quick and efficient way to remove your makeup. They’re some of the most underrated makeup products, because some still feel they don’t do the job as well as your regular makeup removal routine. Lately, they’ve become just as good and they take a lot less to help you get your face clean before bedtime. Our pick: Clean & Clear Cleansing wipes