During summer it is often hard to look stunning especially when we are assaulted with the heat waves as well as the high degrees. Undoubtedly sweating and other skin conditions can easily ruin our look. Instead of relying on our luck and waiting for the beauty disaster to happen it is highly recommended to take some of the most essential precautions. Besides the use of the appropriate products it also presupposes the proper application of these. Therefore enrich your knowledge of the basic summer make up products as well as polish your skills of application when it comes of an exquisite make up look. In order to prevent your skin from the oily texture and on a long term from skin problems make sure you read through the following melt-proof summer make up tips.


One of the first and most crucial preparatory phase of the make up application is cleansing. In order to have the perfect canvas for our color fantasie it is important to remove both the dead skin cells as well as oil residue from the surface of the skin. Choose the best cleanser for your skin type and make sure you use it in the indicated way in order to remove all the free agents from your skin pores. Those who struggle with a greasy complexion should find a formula that would keep their skin oil-free for a longer period of time.


Though it might seem that all these steps belong to basic skin care it must be mentioned that these would also have a direct impact on your summer make up. Therefore condition and more importantly moisturize the skin with some of the products that would contain sunscreen.

This way you’ll offer the proper defense shield to your complexion. In the case of oily face it is more advisable to restrict the application of moisturizers to the eye area for the desired effect, instead of covering the whole face with it.

Make Up Base

Those who know the essence of the make up base will also be aware of the fact that the selection of the products it just as important as the manner of application.

Therefore first and foremost make sure you appeal to the water-proof foundations that would cover the eventual skin flaws and would set the perfect tone to your complexion for the next steps. Tinted moisturizes are also just as useful in order to even out the skin tone as well as mask the various skin problems and secure the sun-kissed tone of the complexion.

Oil-free foundations are also one of the top alternatives of make up artists. These products would be able to create the illusion of a perfectly polished and healthy skin. Besides the comfort they offer these would also provide your with highest measure of coverage for acne and acne scars. Instead of relying on the power of liquid formulas swap them for the compact version. This way you’ll keep your skin oil-free. The matte tone of the skin would be perfect to enhance the color combination you’ll opt for.

Light Eye Make Up

Those who are eager to sport the thick and multi-layered make up might find themselves struggling with melting and smudging. Indeed these make up styles might not be perfectly compatible with heat, instead make sure you grant yourself with a light eye make up with the various organic products and stylish shades of the season.

Coral and pearl as well as other matte tones are some of the uber-sought-after colors of the summer. Therefore go for them in the more creamy form as these would help you adapt to the weather conditions.

Eyeliners and mascara should be waterproof in order to be able to combat melting. Use them in a moderate measure in order to preserve your natural look and experiment with the liquid and gel formulas for the desired effect. The simple layered techniques would be enough to shift the attention to your memorable glimpse and still spare your from the headaches of smudging.

Light Powder

Using the best face powder tone and texture for the summer is a must. Indeed choose some of the light texture and shimmery or translucent shades in order to add a high brow tint to your face.

Crown your make up with light powder that should be applied only to the most critical areas that tend to become oilier due to the heat and temperature these delicate areas include the chin, forehead as well as nose and slightly the cheeks.

Kissable Lips

The lips should also adapt to the latest trends be it bright or in muted tones, make sure this step also includes the use of the most flattering colors. First it is also recommended to cover the lips with a thin layer of powder for the best effect. Choose shades that complement your natural skin tone as well as enhance the fullness of your lips. Then apply it to your lips and add a tint of lip gloss if necessary.