Regardless the moment of the day, every woman wants to be feminine, sensual, natural and glamorous. Besides the outfit that reflects a woman’s sense of style, there are two other major elements, which play a crucial aesthetic role: makeup and hairstyle. Matching them could become a real problem, but if you do it right you’ll certainly turn heads.

Daytime look

The perfect daytime makeup means delicate and neutral colors. Avoid too much makeup during the day even if it is necessary. We have to keep a clean, natural and fresh look.

Use a light makeup basis. You can apply a concealer under the eyes.

Avoid color excess when it comes to eyeshadow and avoid very dark shades.[/item

Use soft and earthy colors like brown, pink, peach.

Try a colorless mascara.

Lipstick in neutral shades or lip gloss for moisturizing. Avoid color excess also.

For a daytime look the perfect choice are simple and easy to do hairstyles.

The first option would be loose hairstyles for both straight and curly hair.[/item

Tied back hairstyles such as a ponytail. A ponytail could be done in so many ways and accessorized with different hair pins.

For curly hair a loose bun is easy and quick to style.

Evening look

For this time of the day, we can forget about non-existing makeup and intensify a little bit the makeup using brighter and stronger colors.

Use darker shades.

You can use eyeliner but make a fine line.[/item

For your lips choose stronger and brighter colors.

Dare and use a blush in darker shades.

Now it’s the perfect time to use a mascara.

Once we have intensified the makeup, we can play a bit with the hair and choose a more sophisticated hairstyle.

Volume hair for straight and curly hair.

Tied up with a tousled, messy effect.

If you have beautiful, long hair a chic and stylish updo is the best solution. You can also choose to make a half-up updo.

Special look

Special makeup is an extravagant makeup that we choose on particular occasions. When putting on this type of makeup one should take into consideration the outfit, hairstyle and accessories.

If you want to turn heads and draw all the attention, this is the perfect moment for you to choose a smokey eyes look or a shimmery one. You can also use metallics.

Go for two coats of mascara or false eyelashes for the most dramatic look ever.

If you choose to accentuate your eyes, keep the rest of your makeup simple using a lipstick in neutral shades.

You can also apply a red, bold lipstick for a sexy and feminine look. If you do so, avoid emphasizing the eyes.

Every woman wants to look elegant and chic for a special event. Hairstyles play an important role as they can totally change your look. Therefore, choose a hairstyle that enhances your beauty.

You can try a retro hairstyle such as a ’70s bun that will always add glamour and elegance to any look.

Well-defined waves express sensuality and femininity. They work great if you have medium hair.

If you are not into the very elaborated and studied hairstyles, try a loose bun. You can even leave a few locks of fair that can naturally frame your face.