Ever wondered how can you improve your mascara applying technique? There are loads of different tricks when it comes to applying mascara, but follow these mascara tips and tricks to experiment!

To keep mascara from smudging, dust some powder under the eye before applying mascara.

Use an eyelash curler for a more dramatic effect. It will make your eyes look wider and brighter.

This will leave your lashes perfectly separated.

Use disposable mascara wands to clean and separate your lashes. You can recycle your old ones, but be sure to clean and wash them properly.

Using Mascara Tips and Tricks

For a more dramatic effect, you can try to mix mascaras. You can try one that lengthens your lashes, and then apply another coat of mascara with thickening effect.

For a little extra, you can give a few coats to the outer lashes by holding the mascara wand to the corner of your eye and blink.

You don’t have to apply mascara on both your upper and lower lashes; by using mascara only on the upper lashes will open up your eyes more and will give the appearance of bigger eyes.

If you don’t want mascara all over your eyelids while applying mascara, wait five seconds before blinking, until the mascara is sufficiently dry so it won’t smear all over your eyes.