Your hair color should be an important factor whenever choosing eyeshadows, blushes or lipstick shades. Discover the makeup that will bring out your best features according to your hair color.

Makeup for Blondes

For blondes, soft shades and pastels are appropriate because they complement the light color of your hair. Darker tones create a strong contrast and give a severe look. You can wear almost any shades, as long as they are not too intense. Try sheer shades of pink, peach, gold and champagne.

Eyes: It is more appropriate to use a brown mascara, as the black one stands in contrast with your hair and may look too harsh. Try warm shades of pink, peach or cream beige on the lids. You can also use an ivory-colored eyeshadow and a dark brown eyeliner.

Face: Your foundation should have yellow undertones to keep it as natural as possible and choose a pink or peachy blush to add a tint of color to the apples of your cheeks.

Lips: Mid tones of light pink, peach and rose look great next to your blonde hair color. Save bright red lipsticks for special occasions.

Avoid: heavy eye makeup, as you’ll look tired and washed-out, dark tones of blush, black lipstick and anything that might look too harsh next to your light hair color.

Makeup for Redheads

It’s a general truth that the best makeup for redheads are the ones using green shades. But they can have the same stunning look even when choosing warm makeup tones, like peach and cooper. Try shades of olive green and reddish-browns and even gold shades. You can add a touch of pinkish-brown or apricot. Shimmery and pearly shadows are more appropriate for evening looks.

Eyes: For the lids choose neutrals, taupe, greens or brown shades, while for the eyeliner, browns and greens will best compliment your fiery locks.

Face: If you’re a natural redhead, choose beige-toned foundations, but make sure they’re not too yellow for your complexion. If you’re a warm brunette with an olive complexion, choose foundations with a yellow undertone. For the cheeks use shades of pink and peach.

Lips: Choose natural shades or bright pinks and flesh-toned lipsticks.

Avoid: Darkening your eyebrow color! Choose light pencils in the shades of red-brown or taupe just to fill them in, rather than darkening them.

Makeup for Brunettes

Brunettes are the luckiest girls. They can easily pull off any colors, darker shades or brighter ones. Try gold, bronze, peach, orange, yellow, brown-red and purples.

Eyes: Use tones of brown, ivory or mocha for your eyeshadow, and a dark brown to charcoal gray eyeliner.

Face: Always match your face powder to your foundation and use blushes in warm shades of peach, dark pink or brick-red.

Lips: You can easily use tones of pinkish-brown, brown, mauve or cherry. Nude lip color looks great on olive skin tones.

Avoid: pale or bright pink lipsticks, pearl whites or light greens on eyes.

Makeup for brownettes

Brown hair color shades tend to make the skin look dull and ashy. Balance it out by creating subtle contrast with neutral and bright colors. The colors from the neutral palette with soft, satiny finish will best enhance a brownette’s features.

Eyes: Try ivory , beige and gray or brown eyeshadows and brown eyeliners.

Face: Add glow to your skin by choosing blushes in shades of pink, fuchsia or tawny tones.

Lips: You can use brown or red satin lipsticks, a high-shine lip gloss is also recommended .

Avoid: Foundations that are too fair, as the contrast between the dark hair and pale can make you look washed out.