Taking pictures can be rather stressful for many women who are unsatisfied with the way they look in pictures, thinking that they are not photogenic. However, everyone can learn a few tricks to be able to look better in pictures. Using makeup cleverly is one of the simplest ways to be more satisfied with the way you look in photos.

Although there are plenty of ways to retouch a photo that might not have turned out the way we dreamed it would most of us still want to be able to look good in photos without having to make any retouches. Being photogenic is not very hard if you become accustomed with a few basic principles that can improve the quality of your photos. Modifying the angle of the photo by turning sideways slightly, having a good posture or wearing clothes in colors that match your skin tone are just a few of the strategies that can be used to look better next time you take a picture.

However, since you as well as others will focus more on your facial features before anything else you should make sure that you use all the tricks that apply to you to look your best. Here are a few tips to get you started:

It goes without saying that one of the first things you should do is to make sure that you conceal any imperfections that you might have as best as you can. Many women double their efforts when it comes to applying foundation or concealer by using the layering technique to make sure that no facial imperfection is caught by camera.

If you want to get a dewy complexion it is recommended to use a water based foundation and a cream blush. To create a matte finish you should never forget to apply translucent powder using a proper applicator. Alternatively you can use a yellow tinted powder if you feel that your skin appears to be overly white in photos.

However, you shouldn't feel that you have to alter your makeup routine too much or adopt new routines if you don't feel like it because the most important thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed. When applying make makeup, think about how you should sculpt your facial features so that they highlight your best assets. While this is something that you might normally do on a daily basis, the more focused you are on how you apply makeup when preparing to take a photo, the better your chances are to get a superior result.

Another thing that you should pay special attention to is your eyebrows. Typically the eyebrows tend to look darker in photos than they do in real life, so applying a little bit of powder on eyebrows to get lighter eyebrows might be a good idea if you have noticed that this is one of the problems you might have when taking photos.

However, make sure that you don't overdo it because otherwise the effects will be contrary to what you might expect.

When it comes to eye makeup it's best to avoid glitter or frosty, shimmery eyeshadow because it might look greasy. Also going for light rather than dark shades is a better alternative because it helps emphasize the eyes better. When dark shades are used the chances of appearing tired increase.

Applying two coats of black mascara, on the other hand, can really make the eyes pop. As a general rule, opting for matte makeup is a better choice when it comes to taking photos because your features are not altered decisively.

If you decide to play up your lips, you should keep in mind some of the same principles that apply when it comes to eye makeup. Again, frosted lip colors should be avoided as they will be barely visible. Going one tone darker than the color you normally use is also advisable when emphasizing your lips. If you chose to emphasize your eyes, you should make sure that your lips will be in a soft color. A thin layer of lip gloss can also help emphasize your lips and make them appear fuller.

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