You have a round face but you do not know how to make it look a bit longer? Today we will give you some great makeup tips for a round face on how to enhance your features and highlight your beauty. There are many tricks and makeup is an excellent way to optically elongate your face. Faces can be round, square, oval or heart shaped, but each of these forms has its own makeup technique to obtain an amazing finish and to accentuate those features.

If you have a gorgeous round face, you don’t have to despair, because many celebrities are in the same shoes. Round face with generous cheeks is very feminine and youthful. Check out the following tips on how to make your round face look longer and thinner!

Narrow your face with foundation

First find the perfect foundation to match your skin tone and blend it well.
A great trick is to apply a lighter shade down the center of your nose and a darker foundation on the sides, as well as on the tip of your nose, so you can emphasize your chin, nose and the center of your forehead with the light foundation. For a narrowing effect, contour your face by applying the dark foundation to the hollows of the cheeks and temples. Blend it well so that there's no distinction between the two shades.

Contour with blush

To set the makeup and to even out your skin, apply a translucent powder to your whole face, working your way upwards and outwards. To make your face appear visually slimmer, apply the blush right under your cheek bones and up to the temple. Do not go lower than the virtual line at the bottom of your nose, and no further than the outer corner of your eyes. You will be surpised how playing with those light and dark shades will elongate your face shape immediately.

The best eye makeup for round face shapes

Professionals say that a round face shape requires vertical lines to make it look more oval. Your eyebrows have to be in proportion with your facial features and highly arched brows can elongate your face very well.
Angled eyebrows can nicely counterbalance your round face shape. Apply a lighter eyeshadow from your lid to the brow line. A darker eyeshadow should then be applied above the crease of your eye, to make it seem higher.

Don’t forget to apply the eyeshadow in an outward motion, extending a bit past the end of your eyelashes. Apply the eyeliner starting from the inner corner towards the outer corner of your eye and sweep the line up slightly for a slight cat eyes makeup look. Proceed similarly on the lower eyelid, but draw the line only to the middle of your eye.
As a finishing touch, use a volume boosting mascara, emphasizing the eyelashes on the outer corner of your eyes.

The right makeup can really change your face if you are aware of how to use it to your advantage. Follow our advices and show off your pretty face!

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