Fall often promises quick and surprise showers that can ruin our look in the blink of an eye. Though there\’s no need to quit using makeup it is still wise to acquire all the helpful professional tricks and face the rainy days with confidence and style. As the seasons change it is recommended to learn the new way of applying cosmetics and using the right products our skin really requires. Besides the vital skin care rituals there are other practices that must be applied for the best results.

The keywords when it comes of monsoon makeup are water-proof and light makeup. These are two qualities that are quintessential to survive the autumn with a flawless look. If you manage to adopt the tendencies of the season you\’ll see the beneficial results pretty soon. Smudging and other makeup disasters can be easily prevented if you approach the problem from the right angle. Let\’s see the most important makeup tips for rainy season.

Makeup Base

Beginning at the base it is worth mentioning that often the main cause of smudging is the excessive foundation use. Those who find it indispensable might still use a thin coat of it however it should be preferably water resistant. Moreover choose the right shade that\’s closer to your natural skin tone.

Powder will prove to be the best tool to offer a slight shimmer and mask the beauty flaws at the same time. This will stick to your complexion rather than any kind of foundation. It will require a quick touch up during the day, however it guarantees the spotless effect.

Those who have a great complexion should totally eliminate this product of the daily makeup list, instead it is more advisable to use a concealer than to apply a sheer powder.

Eye Makeup

Rain immediately means waterproof mascara. Since a normal mascara would quickly smudge when in contact with humidity it is recommended to use a special formula that will resist the extreme weather conditions.

It is a well-known fact that these products can\’t be washed off so easily. However with the use of the proper makeup removers this problem will be also ruled out.

Makeup artists also recommend switching the dark eye shadows with the more natural and sheer colors preferably also with a waterproof quality. The colors of the season offer endless options to look great even if the weather outside is gloomy.


It is a common mistake that ladies seem to commit during each monsoon season. Namely that they use a blush with an inappropriate texture. The rainy days scream for complex compositions, that\’s why it is a golden rule that when sporting a monsoon-proof makeup we should choose a mousse or cream blush that can resist the impact of humidity.

The makeup gurus often neglect the use of blush during the fall season instead practice a smashing trick. They use a bit of lipstick you can spread with your fingernails and the effect is just as gorgeous as with the use of blush.

Lip Makeup

Lip gloss is the top notch no-no beauty product of the monsoon season. It might get in contact with humidity which can result in smudging and at least said unflattering look. That\’s why you should rather rely on high quality lipstick that will fabulously top your makeup. There are several formulas and brands on the market that guarantee a long-lasting effect.

Make sure you test it beforehand in order to avoid any lip makeup accidents. You can either go for the blood red lips effect or rather for the classy and natural makeup trends. Choose the one you can pull off with great style in order to perfect your monsoon look.