Are you in need for some great makeup tips for pale skin? Choosing the right shades for fair skin is not easy, because with this skin type, colors usually stand out too harshly against the pale background. When you prepare for a party or a date, and change from a daytime look to a more defined makeup, you can still have a gorgeous look even if you have porcelain skin. If you know some small makeup tricks, you can learn what are those colors and shades that work best for your complexion, and how to use them in a way to make your face radiant and show your natural beauty.

Fair skin will always be a timeless trend. As compared to the past, when it was usually associated with social status, nowadays porcelain skin with rosy cheeks has become a trend that many women would like to achieve. While tanned skin has become highly popular in the last decade, in many parts of the world, women with darker skin tones dream about having a fresh looking, youthful fair complexion. Let's see some useful tips on how to make your pale complexion sexier and how to obtain a perfect finish.

One of the most important things is to find the best foundation that matches your complexion. Light coverage foundations are the best choice for your skin type. Pale skin is very transparent around the more sensitive areas like the eyes, where the skin is so thin that the little blood vessels are visible many times. The major thing is to choose the right color that matches your skin tone best. Avoid darker foundations, because they will look as if you are wearing a mask. Opt for foundations with high SPF instead to slow the aging process and prevent sun damages on your sensitive skin.

Apply a yellow-based concealer on the dark circles around the eye area and to minimize the redness caused by blemishes. These products can make wonders to your skin and will immediately give warmth to your complexion.

If your cheeks are pale, the best blushes for you are the delicate pink or coral shades. These can give you a fabulous radiant look, bringing life into your face. Natural looking, youthful, rosy cheeks are very feminine and delicate, so use the blush with confidence. However it is better to avoid strong, bold colors, they can look very artificial on porcelain skin.

Similarly to cheeks, bright, harsh eyeshadows won't complement a fair complexion. Try sheer, pastel colors and shimmer eye shadows in natural nuances that will give warmth to your look. These shades are very nice and practical during daytime. For a night look, you certainly want a stronger effect. Black mascara is always the best choice either for a day look or a night makeup.

For a glam party look, dark brown eyeliners can work better on your porcelain complexion than black eyeliners. Give more emphasis to your lashes by using an eyelash curler before you apply the makeup. For a more dramatic evening look, you can add more glow to your cheeks. Experiment with sheer blushes in plum shades and use shades of gray eyeshadow to create fabulous smokey eyes.

Nude lip glosses, pink, coral and berry shades look amazing on pale skin. For a special, evening look, classic bright red lipsticks or darker tones are absolutely stunning on fair complexion and will definitely make heads turn. Enhance your natural beauty and have some fun discovering new colors that add to your porcelain skin a radiant, very feminine, delicate look.