Skin loses glow and dynamic as years pass by, but that’s no reason not to stay beautiful! Makeup is the perfect tool to fake youth and visibly pare down some years of our age.

Read these makeup tips for mature skin:

Base Mature skin is more prone to become dry and sensitive, that’s why the first step of the makeup ritual is to camouflage the flaws with a concealer. This will fabulously hide age spots, wrinkles as well as red spots. Pat it into your skin and blend it well into your skin.

The next step is to choose a foundation that is light-reflecting. For a flawless coverage use a moisturizing one.

This will not only protect but also fuel your skin with vitamins – amazingly useful when you have to deal with a dry complexion.

The last basic step is to apply a setting powder with a large brush. This will set the makeup.

Eyes For a more natural look, you’re highly advised to follow the less is more principle. The point is to stay as close as possible to your natural features, without distorting them. First of all choose a matte eyeshadow to emphasize your eyes. Colors as pale pink, sand and soft browns work perfectly.

Shimmer shadows would not be appropriate, since these will only enhance the wrinkles around the eyes – still to give definition to your eyelids, you might apply a deeper shadow in the crease. Neutral tones suggest good taste.

Cream or gel eyeliners seem the perfect option for mature skin. Offering the necessary moisture it will both hydrate and protect your eyelids. Beautiful shades as black, plum, soft brown and khaki can work fabulously. Wind up your eye makeup with classy mascara of a darker, more feminine hue. Black would be the no.1 option, apply two layers only to the upper lashes.

Cheeks Find a tone that amazingly resembles your natural flush. Due to the need of moisturizing choose a cream blush. Keep away from artificial colors, stay at pinkish and peachy tones for guaranteed success.

Lips Lip primers are pretty amazing inventions. Use it in order to keep your lips hydrated and your lipstick long lasting. Avoid ultra-matte shades, but nudes, peaches, apricots and light pink will create a younger effect. Lip liners are not too recommended, only if you’re invited to a special event. For a natural look avoid it.