When the first program based on mathematical calculations was made at Hollywood in order to find the ideal proportions of the face, it is said that the only person to gain maximum score was Grace Kelly. However, since not all of us are so lucky, the best thing we can to is to use all the existing makeup tips for a dreamy result. Well, with just some skills and a little bit of practice everyone can obtain a beautiful, glowing and flawless appearance.

You first need to know your face shape and what makeup you can apply in order to camouflage flaws. If you want your makeup to flatter you and to enhance your beauty, it has to match your eyes, hair color, face shape, lifestyle, personality, but also your mood.

You don’t have to invest in too many beauty and makeup products, but purchase the essentials paying a lot of attention to the way you choose them. As the base is crucial when it comes to a perfect makeup, it is more than important to pick the most suitable foundation.

In this case you should choose two shades of foundation, one that perfectly matches your skin complexion and another with one tone darker. Stay away from too dark foundation as the minimal retouches will look more than visible and the result will be rather unaesthetic. Next, you’ll need a big brush, sponges for applying foundation, and if you usually apply powder, take two shades also, one that you normally use and a darker one. But, before starting the actual makeup process, you should first know your face shape.

The oval face is the ideal shape. Therefore, if you have it, feel lucky as you can try everything and anything when it comes to makeup. An oval face is described by a length equal to one and a half times width, with forehead and jaw having the same width. On the other hand, if you find yourself in the other categories, take a look to some simple tips of makeup for face shapes.

A round face is characterized by a shorter distance from the forehead to the chin, and wider from cheek to cheek. A round face has full cheeks and a rounded chin. Length is approx equal to width. If you have a round face shape, you need to pay a lot of attention to the way you style your eyebrows. Try to stay away from the too arched shape as this will only make your face look even rounder.

What you need is a lengthening effect and you can achieve this by contouring the jaw line, temples, and cheeks for a more oval look. Start from the earlobe and continue towards the chin. Then, apply the lighter foundation on the rest of the face making sure you perfectly blend the two tones. Apply some blush on the cheeks and gently smooth the color when going up to the temples.

A square face has the same width from the edges of the forehead, across the cheeks, and from jaw to jaw, strong and broad forehead with angular jaw. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot look extremely hot. The first thing you should learn is to accentuate using darker foundation the central part of the forehead and chin, including the nose and the eye area. Contour the hairline on the temples and jaw at both corners in order to soften the corners. Use a more discreet makeup for the cheeks in order to avoid drawing the attention towards your face shape. The color of the blush should be matte and a little bit darker so you can diminish the volume of the cheeks.

A long face has high cheek bones, raised forehead and distinct jaw line. Face is longer than it is wide. The best makeup solution for a long face is to apply a lighter foundation on the temples, cheeks, and the bottom jaw. On the rest of the face apply the darker foundation. The blush should be applied starting from the earlobe towards the nose. Also, use a darker eyeshadow for the outer corner of the eyes.

The triangular shaped face is characterized by narrow forehead and cheekbones and a wide jawline. What you need to do is to soften the lower part of the face. If you have prominent chin and cheeks, you should apply the foundation color you normally use. You should definitely avoid emphasizing your cheeks or chin. Apply a darker foundation on the temple area and don’t exaggerate with the eye makeup. Contour your eyebrows and use a lip balm or a lipstick in a natural color for your lips.

Square Face Makeup Long Oblong Face Makeup

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