Applying makeup is all about learning how to emphasize our natural beauty. Besides this, makeup also means adopting some tricks to hide small imperfections. Different eye forms require different colors and ways to apply eye makeup in order to make them really beautiful.

Deep set eyes are perhaps one of the easiest eye shapes for applying makeup, because these eye shapes are naturally defined. These eye shapes are wonderful, however, deep set eyes need certain techniques to make them appear visually bigger. Let’s see how to apply makeup to open up your eyes and make them more noticeable.

You have deep set eyes if a part of your eyelid is visible in the outer corner of the eye, but it gets narrower towards the inside corners. If you have deep set eyes, opt for light colored eyeshadows, they will help to visually bring them forward.

Apply an iridescent eyeshadow on your upper eyelid starting from the inner corner towards the outer corner of the eye. This will give you a soft, dreamy look. You can use many eyeshadow combinations, those that come in a trio are great for deep set eyes. It is important to highlight your eyes as much as possible with a bright color such as pale pink, beige or peach. Start from the base of the eyelashes and apply the color all over to the brow bone.

As a second step apply a medium light base on the eyelid from the middle of the pupil outwards. Bring it upwards and sweep the color along the brow bone. It is important to follow the natural line of your eye.

Apply the darkest eyeshadow color on the outer corner of the upper eyelid, following the lash line, in order to create a perfect shadow. This will give your eyes more prominence. Blend the color into the crease and underneath the lower lash line. Tip: the shadow color should be applied no further than the colored part of the eye.

Apply a thin line of eyeliner from the middle part of the lids to the outer corner of the eye. Extend and thicken the line towards the outer corner and smudge it a little or soften with a similarly toned eyeshadow. Keep the line as close to the base of the lash line as possible. Eyeliner is great, because it helps you to widen and emphasize your deep set eyes. Tip: avoid to apply eyeliner on the inner edge of the lower eyelashes because your eyes will appear smaller than they really are.

Use an eyelash curler, then define your lashes with a mascara, working from outwards to inwards and you are ready with your gorgeous eye makeup. Feel free to experiment with multiple colors of eyeshadow to give your deep set eyes maximum definition and to create amazing looks.

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