Makeup is a wonderful way to highlight our features, a secret weapon that women can turn to whenever they want to have a perfect appearance. Various skin tones and hair colors require different tones in order to accentuate your natural beauty and complement your rich hair color. Finding the perfect makeup for brunettes is as easy as in the case of other hair types and skin complexions. Brown has a wide range of shades, starting with light brown, golden brown, to warm chocolate brown and dark coffee brown.

Usually brunettes are advised to use makeup colors that match their hair color. Women with lighter brown hair should stick with lighter makeup tones, while those with dark brown hair are encouraged to go for darker, bolder shades. Besides hair color, skin tone and eye color are also important factors that you should take into account when choosing your makeup. Read on to find out which are the most flattering makeup colors for brunette women and learn how to create a stunning makeup that transforms you into a real diva!

Neutral eye-makeup works really well for brunettes, creating a sophisticated, natural look. In general, women with brown hair, regardless of their color spectrum, look amazing wearing mocha or warm brown colors of eye shadows.

Flesh tones can look gorgeous on brunettes and are perfect choices for daytime wear. Brunettes with light, pale skin complexion can opt for light brown shades with a touch of pink or peach, in order to bring life and radiance to your skin. Violet and lavender shades wonderfully accentuate your eyes, while dark gray, deep blue, green, gold tones and smokey shades will give your eyes more depth.

For nighttime wear you can try out more daring, bolder colors in smokey burgundy, black, dark brown eye shadow colors and eyeliners. Using these colors, you can create gorgeous dramatic eyes, which is an excellent option for brunettes. In this case however, make sure that you keep the rest of your makeup natural and soft. Girls with brown hair and blue eyes can take full advantage of warm eye shadows that create a feminine, natural look.

Bronzer is absolutely flattering for any brunette girl. Pale cheeks can destroy your look and make you appear dull and tired. If you have a fair complexion, you can easily add a touch of glam to your look and brighten up your face applying a bronzer that will instantly match with your dark hair. Opting for a powder bronzer is a healthy alternative to achieve radiant, sun kissed cheeks. It gives a wonderful natural highlight to your cheekbones and adds a soft contour to the whole face.

When it comes to lips, shop for warmer, rich tones rather than light lipstick colors. For nighttime look, try out exciting terracotta shades, spicy reds or matte wines that bring out your nice features and give accent to your lips. If you want to obtain a more natural and soft look, go for sheer, juicy lip-glosses that make your lips less outstanding and bold. Matte red lipsticks can look great for daytime wear as well if you keep the rest of your face neutral. Stay away from pale lipstick colors since they usually aren’t flattering for brunette women. Darker, warm lipstick colors or lip-glosses add a touch of color to your face and make you look classy and chic.

Choosing the right color foundation that matches your skin tone and hair color is essential in order to achieve a flawless, natural look. When shopping for foundation, always test the product on your skin in natural light and if you have difficulties with finding the proper shade, ask for professional advice. When you have a little spare time, don’t be afraid to experiment and play with new colors in order to find those shades that work best for your own features.