Follow our guide of makeup application techniques to make sure you smudge-proof your party look. Learn the newest tricks that help you make a real statement with your sex-appeal.

The following makeup tips for a glam winter look are here to help you purchase the most impressive cosmetic formulas and adapt various makeup designs to your personality and preferences. Look uber-attractive following a few life-saving beauty guidelines.

Create a dewy face look using the following makeup trick. Use a sponge to apply the foundation that suits your skin type. However, before the application it is wise to dip the sponge into water. Then you should spread the foundation evenly. Enjoy the sheer look of your makeup base and show off your super-healthy complexion to your admirers.

Apply the tinted moisturizer with great care to build up the perfect makeup base. Place a tiny spot of this formula on your chin and jaw, cheeks and finally the forehead.

Use circular motions to spread the moisturizer all over the face. Finish up the masking of all beauty flaws with a bronzer rather than a face powder. The result of your beauty session will be simply amazing.

Start defining your eyes with the upper eyelid. Those who are rising makeup artists know that it is wise to finish the application of eye shadow and eyeliner and then proceed to the next section.

If you decide to emphasize your lower lid, it is wise to do it in a moderate and classy way. Make sure you shift the attention to the lids and eyebrows rather than concentrating on the lower sections as this might give the illusion of tired eyes and enhance dark circles.

Turn your thin lashes into statement accessories following this useful trick. In order to create the impression of a va-va-voom glimpse use an eyeliner brush and apply a tiny amount of face powder on the lashline. Then use a lengthening mascara to boost the volume of your lashes. Furthermore, you can also experiment with mascara formulas that contain silicone. These will definitely give an extra oomph to your eyes.

In order to stand out from the crowd with your open and large eyes it is wise to skip the use of bold and bright shades. If you don’t want to look like an anime doll, make sure you opt for soft shades. Attract attention with your sultry makeup rather than with a beauty meltdown triggered by a loud eye makeup.

Use white eye shadow or eyeliner to have beautiful and alluring eyes. Those who are fond of wearing the smokey eyes look, might miss the chance to make an impression with their glimpse. Experiment with this trick to emphasize the beauty of your eyes and the whiteness of your eyeballs. Try your hand at the loveliest makeup trends that include the use of light shades.

Winter Makeup Tips

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