The most influential beauticians share their secrets with makeup fans in order to contribute to their style evolution. The proper application of makeup is the key to nail down the hottest looks of the moment.

Learn a few basic ideas to make sure you pave your way to become a real master of makeup products. Emphasize your unique features and best assets using a few revolutionary options included in the hottest makeup tricks from pros. Shimmery skin and a radiating glimpse are the ultimate statement accessories of the season. Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your beauty aspirations and confidence.


One of the golden rules offered by Alexander Sanchez from Lancome is to define the lashes with mascara before grabbing your favorite eyeliner. This is one of the secrets to highlight the lashline and ease the application of the liquid or creamy liner formula. Build up the perfect eye makeup by sticking to a few well-defined beauty principles.


The same beautician also offers us the chance to polish our skills of applying mascara. In order to create a va-va-voom effect with this must have makeup formula it is essential to use a skinny brush.

This apparently tiny detail can guarantee the dazzling outcome of our beauty session. Use a similar brush in order to define lashes individually. Moreover, you’ll be able to apply the same amount of mascara to each section.


In order to pull off the dewy makeup look for the warm season it is highly recommended to use a creamy blush, rather than a powder formula. Our skin is more receptive to creamy compositions, that’s a fact. In order to create a funky fresh effect consider this helpful advice and make sure you opt for the most flattering shade that complements your skin tone.

Eyeshadow as Lip Color

Multi-tasker cosmetic formulas can be used for numerous purposes. Use your fabulous eye shadow palette to emphasize your glimpse, however you can also use it to inject some glamor into your lips. Use either a peach, pink or darker eye shadow to apply over your perfectly moisturized lips. The lips will look simply stunning especially if you use either a pro applicator or your fingers for the application.


Choose the most suitable foundation shade to create the perfect makeup base. However, besides the textbook style application of this beauty formula you can also experiment with an additional makeup trick. In order to create a radiant and natural-looking effect, start rubbing your palms and place your hands on your cheeks, forehead and chin to soften the foundation and banish the artificial look.

Makeup Tricks From Pros

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