Being confident and feeling good in your own skin are important things for every woman. But, because the way we look is a part of us too, we should all know a few easy beauty tricks that could also boost our confidence.

Get bigger eyes with makeup

Studies show that large eyes are a sign of beauty, femininity and innocence. When it comes to bigger eyes it’s all about shading and highlighting. First of all, you need an eyeliner. Don’t choose a black one because it would only make your eyes look smaller. Use a light to medium shade of eyeliner or a colored one. If blue or green are not one of your favorites, try a slate, which flatters anyone. Always use a freshly sharpened pencil. Don’t apply the eyeliner all away around the eyes because they will only look smaller.

Then, apply a shiny white eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyelid making an inverted “V” shape. The idea is to catch the light on the center of your eye, which will make it look bigger. Finally, use the eyelash curler. By curling your lashes, they will get even closer to the eyebrows opening the entire eye area. Fix the curved line of your eyelashes by applying mascara for lengthening. For bigger eyes and a more dramatic impact add a second coat of mascara. You should not forget about the lower lashes.

Get fuller lips with makeup

Use a shimmery colorless lip balm and apply it above the Cupid’s bow (the area above the upper lip). Doing so, you’ll catch light and give the impression of fuller lips. Apply a moisturizing lipstick. Moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid attract and retain water in your lips making them look fuller. Make sure that your lipstick has an intense glowing as the matte ones don’t reflect light. Finally, apply some balm in the middle of the lower lip.

Bring out cheekbones

Begin by applying your usual face products, such as foundation or powder. For more contoured cheeks, you need a highlighter (powder) and a bronzing powder, two tones darker than your skin tone. Apply bronzing powder on the hollows of your cheeks. Smile and then apply the highlighter starting from the cheeks and working your way to the temples. Contrasting tones will define the cheeks.

Get thinner nose with makeup

Apply foundation on the nose, then add a bit of highlighter down the bone in the center of your nose. You can also draw a thin line down each side of your nose using a shadow or cream two to three shades darker than your natural skin color. Finally, fix everything with a translucent powder. Another trick to try is accentuating either your eyes or your lips, which draws attention away from the center of your face, making your nose look slimmer.

Fake a flawless skin

Using a special brush, apply a concealer so you can cover any blemishes, dark spots, ruddy areas or marks. The brush will get in every corner of the area with problems and is better than using the fingers. Make sure that your concealer contains salicylic acid, which treats pimples. Don’t apply two different formulas (an anti acne cream and concealer) at the same time, as they won’t resist on the skin. Fix everything with a powder matching your skin tone.

More Makeup Tips

Always apply a lip balm before you apply the lipstick. This way your lips will look softer.

Before you apply mascara to lashes, give them a dust of powder. Doing so your eyelashes will look thicker.

In order to avoid creasing concealer below your eye, apply first an eye cream to prep the area and help concealer blend well into the skin.

Liquid foundation is usually water based and is best for dry skin.

Over plucked eyebrows look unnatural and make your eyes appear smaller.