Indian people have unique characteristics as yellowish tone and the ebony hair. These are the two basic factors that should serve as guiding points when organizing a dazzling makeup. Indeed, its chief function will be after all to emphasize the ethnic beauty traits. Oriental makeup has its own tendencies, however it is wroth skimming through some basic makeup ideas for Indian skin. Makeup Base

Indian skin color ranges from olive to dark tones. That’s why it is essential to identify which of the makeup base tones will emphasize the ethnic beauty of the features. In order to create a spotless look, make sure you choose the best products. First of all, if you notice uneven colored patches on your skin, you can use a primer to enhance the uniform application of the foundation.

The next step would be to choose the best concealer that will offer the right cover for a yellowish tone. It is highly recommended to choose makeup base products with either a yellow or an olive undertone.

These will help you mask the dark spots or the imperfections of the skin. Follow this process by applying a foundation that will have the same tone as the concealer.

Eye Makeup

Indian makeup is famous for the eye-popping shades and the fine lines. Indeed, the eyes occupy a central role in the whole look.

The key to bring out the best of your small eyelids is to use the perfect combination of eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow.

Choosing the right eyeshadow depends on whether we would like a spectacular or a more casual look. Usually, olive skin tones look fabulous with prune, copper, dark brown and beige shades. Apply these colors with confidence in order to accentuate the look and create the impression of deep-set eyes. Keep away of eye shadows that have yellowish undertones, these will only spoil your look. Other favorable options could be purple, lilac, blueish tones and wine.

Eyeliners will be used also to correct the proportion differences and to create a frame around the eyes. Droopy eyelids can be easily corrected with a few streaks. You can either use a black eyeliner or the traditional Kajal or kohl which is the signature tool Indian ladies use to outline the shape of the eyes. This pencil will have the same dazzling effect as a traditional black tinted eyeliner.

Mascara will top the eye makeup and will add volume to the often too straight eyelashes. Indeed, those who were not blessed with curvy lashes can use this trick to still provide their look with a mysterious aura. Use black mascaras for thickening and volume. Make it 2 coats for a guaranteed success.


Indian ladies pay special attention to their lips. The best way to create a sensual and romantic look is to pair the olive complexion with colder and rather pinkish tones.

The great favorites when it comes to lipstick are plum and berry colors. These will not only have an immediate boosting effect but will also shift the attention right to the plumped lips. The best options will be to apply: wine, pink, plum, red and lavender colors.

Those who belong into the darker skin category should also select from the wine-ish and plum shades. Dark red, burgundy, plum and brick red lipsticks are top notch accessories of an Indian girl’s makeup kit. Include also some natural-looking almost no-makeup lip balms and glosses for the days when you would rather go for a casual look.


Olive skin perfectly matches peachy or on the contrary pinkish colored blush. Coral shades are also among the top choices if you want to add a groovy flair to your makeup. This final trick will enhance the natural glow of your look. If you have a darker skin tone, you’d better go for the golden tones, deep orange or simply a bronzer, these will create the polished look of your complexion.