Choosing the right type of makeup is difficult as there are a variety of makeup styles available to choose from, and not all makeup styles suit everyone. When choosing the perfect makeup you need to take a variety of factors into consideration, such as skin tone, hair color, eye color, facial features, etc. If you are a brunette it is essential to select a makeup style that suits your hair color and enhances your natural beauty perfectly. There are a variety of makeup ideas for brunettes to choose from, so, in order to make your choice easier we have put together some of the loveliest makeup ideas for brunettes to inspire yourself from.

The new techniques and makeup products available nowadays can allow you to create amazing combinations of color when it comes to your makeup, depending on the occasion, personal preference and so on. If you are searching for a great looking makeup which will suit your lovely dark hair color perfectly inspire yourself from the following makeup ideas for brunettes:

Soft makeup

Choosing a soft makeup style which will subtly enhance your natural beauty can be a great option for any occasion as naturalness is highly appreciated this year. This type of makeup is perfect for brunettes of all ages as natural beauty is timeless and ageless. To create a soft looking makeup you need soft colored makeup which will be applied lightly on the skin to maintain a natural look. This type of makeup requires a perfect looking skin and you can try to obtain this look using a concealer which you will use to hide any imperfections and a foundation to obtain a flawless finish. The eyes can be subtly enhanced using an eyeliner and mascara. If you are not all about the bare look you can try a nude or soft pink eyeshadow which will have a very natural look. The lips can be enhanced using a lip or nude colored lipgloss which will enhance the sensuality of your lips.

Smokey eye makeup

The smokey eye makeup is one of the most popular makeup styles when it comes to a more formal occasion as it can help enhance the look in the most outstanding manner. The fabulous fading effect can be created out of different color combinations so you can go for gold, greens, black and gray, etc. The most popular and most adorable look is given by the traditional smokey eye makeup which uses black and gray to create the fading eye catching effect that looks unbelievably sexy. Apply the smokey eye makeup and define your eyes even more using an eyeliner and mascara. Maintain your lips colored naturally by using a lip colored lipstick or a nude lipgloss and you will definitely capture all the attention.

Pastel colored makeup

Choosing pastels to create your makeup can be a great idea as the dark coloration f your tresses will be balanced by the softness of these light colored eyeshadows. You can go for the colors that you feel suit you best such as lavender, purple, pink, blue, yellow, green, gold, you name it as the possibilities are endless you can choose a monochrome eye makeup or combine different shades to obtain a unique look that will capture attention greatly. The skin will be enhanced using foundation and a little bit of blush while the lips can be colored naturally using a lip colored gloss.

Bright lips makeup

This type of makeup is actually a vintage style makeup which tries to place an accent on the most sensual part of the face, which is the lips. This type of makeup uses vividly colored lipstick such as bright red to enhance the lips while the eyes are more subtly enhanced using eyeliner and mascara. This type of makeup is perfect for casual as well as more formal occasion and in combination with brunette hair the look will be amazing. Keep your complexion flawless looking using concealer and foundation so you can radiate perfection.